VIDEO: Sneak Peek - 'Cash's Car' Episode of ABC's MALIBU COUNTRY

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On this week's episode of the new ABC comedy MALIBU COUNTRY titled "Cash's Car" - Reba is angered when ex-husband Bobby arrives for Cash's birthday and gives him a brand new sports car, knowing full well that Reba wanted their son to earn a car by working for it and not by entitlement. Meanwhile, Lillie Mae tries to calm down a scared Kim, who finally admits that she's pregnant with no clue how to raise a baby. The episode airs FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 23 (8:31-9:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. Get a sneak peek below!

"Malibu Country" stars Reba as Reba, Lily Tomlin as Lillie Mae, Sara Rue as Kim, Justin Prentice as Cash, Juliette Angelo as June and Jai Rodriguez as Geoffrey.

Guest starring is Jeffrey Nordling as Bobby.

"Cash's Car" was written by Matt Berry and directed by David Trainer.

VIDEO: Sneak Peek - 'Cash's Car' Episode of ABC's MALIBU COUNTRY

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