VIDEO: Shonda Rhimes: Katherine Heigl's GREY'S ANATOMY Insult 'Stung'


Katherine Heigl, original cast member on ABC's hit medical drama GREY'S ANATOMY, exited the show after causing quite a stir back in 2008. Series creator and writer, Shonda Rhimes, has mostly refused to speak out on Heigl's departure and insults. Tonight on OPRAH'S NEXT CHAPTER, Rhimes is breaking that silence. Check out a preview below!

In 2008, Katherine Heigl withdrew her name from the Emmys. She claimed the writing for her character, and on GREY'S ANATOMY as whole, was not up to snuff to warrant consideration.

Heigl portrayed Dr. Izzie Stevens on the series from 2005 through 2010 before leaving to spend time with her husband and newly adopted daughter. The actress exited the series completely ruling out the idea of making a return appearance. However, in Jan. of this year, she revealed to E! that she would like to return - Rhimes denied Heigl's wish.

VIDEO: Shonda Rhimes: Katherine Heigl's GREY'S ANATOMY Insult 'Stung'

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