VIDEO: Kesha Talks Love Life & More on CONAN

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Pop star Ke$ha stopped by last night's Conan on TBS and revealed that she hates bro rocker guys, and would much rather have sexy times with a quiet nerd. She also shared that she loves to make her ladybits shower sparks during her show, but it can sometimes backfire on her. Literally. Check out clips from the appearance below!

About CONAN:

Since premiering in November 2010, Conan has been a hit with TBS's core audience of young adults. The show recently charted its third consecutive month of audience growth. The success of Conan also extends well beyond the show's TBS telecasts to include widespread DVR, online and mobile viewing; interaction through Twitter, Facebook and

In the past year, Conan has conducted special events throughout the country, including a week of shows from the Beacon Theater in New York and fan art exhibits in New York City and San Diego. In June 2012, Conan will travel again, this time for a week of shows in Chicago.

VIDEO: Kesha Talks Love Life & More on CONAN

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