VIDEO: Hipzee Shares FULL HOUSE Parody Ft. New Puppet Mascot


HIPZEE, a new Brooklyn based storytelling company that produces, finances, and markets for film, TV, theatre, and brands, announces a shiny new mascot today. The mascot is a hipster dinosaur puppet named HIPZEE, who is a registered Independent. Like all HIPZEE projects, this video parody incorporates throwback with a youthful energy and plenty of winking. With shots mimicking the late 80s early 90s classic Full House, HIPZEE the mascot can be seen causing mayhem and embracing the Brooklyn lifestyle. The video currently has six views on YouTube.

The parody was filmed by Santa Monica transplant Digital Film America on a Red Epic camera and features company founders, Rob Baunoch III and Tara Sickmeier, creative producer and resident nostalgist, Michael Mayhugh, as well as the generously paid HIPZEE mascot. Mayhugh says of the parody video, "I've always identified with Michelle in that sitcom. I will take much of Bob Saget's fatherly advice to my grave." Mayhugh then rambled on and on about a new Noah Baumbach flick while playing his Nintendo 64.

HIPZEE's co-founders, Rob Baunoch III and Tara Sickmeier, both have creative beginnings mixed with entrepreneurial mindsets and a shared Hungarian heritage. As a vertically challenged child in Cedarburg, Wisconsin, Rob started out creating Z grade horror films in his backyard; only to later grow into a well rounded, but rarely optioned writer and story creator. Across the country in Lake Forest, California, Tara was getting stuck in traffic on her way to commercial auditions (most likely to be cast as "Surfer Girl" yet again). Tara would later move into film production and distribution after her acting days. As they matured, Rob and Tara both realized they had an itch for the business side of the biz as well. Rob went to school for an MBA and developed an extensive background in budgeting and finance for theatre, film, and television. Say that 3 times. While Tara obtained years of experience in marketing and distribution for film, TV, sports, and brands. Rob and Tara's first date was a Lars Von Trier movie. They are getting married on the golf course from Space Jam (1996 Film).

The company's death defying mission is to combine provocative yet nostalgic storytelling and cutting edge research to amplify stories to their greatest potential. HIPZEE aims to put a new spin on both entertainment + brands by using a unique formula of creative storytelling supported by research findings. And sweat. HIPZEE was not only part of the producer team of Heathers The Musical, but also provided marketing research and strategies for the new Off-Broadway hit. This was done via social listening data or as HIPZEE co-founder Tara Sickmeier called it, "the new focus group." According to Sickmeier, who was eating a gluten free, dairy free snack at the time, "It's the audience's raw honest opinion. Social listening analysis offers insightful findings and actionable strategies that aid to any marketing plan by measuring what is being said on blogs, Twitter, Facebook, video, forums, and news sources." She said this while posting on her Instagram.

VIDEO: Hipzee Shares FULL HOUSE Parody Ft. New Puppet Mascot

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