VIDEO: Ethan Hawke Talks Playing Dead in MACBETH on 'Today'

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Ethan Hawke took on 'Elf' duties on this morning's TODAY on NBC as part of the show's annual toy drive. The actor, currently starring on Broadway in MACBETH, joked of the title role, "Well, it's definitely more intimidating than playing an Elf, that's for sure."

He went on to explain that the role has it's share of challenges, including pretending to be dead following a physically demanding sword fight. "After you're huffing and puffing you have to pretend like you're not breathing in front of a thousand people," he quipped.

Check out the appearance below!

About Macbeth:

Lincoln Center Theater, under the direction of Producing Artistic Director André Bishop, presentsBianca Amato, Shirine Babb, John Patrick Doherty, Austin Durant, Richard Easton,Francesca Faridany, Stephanie Fieger, Malcolm Gets, John Glover, Ben Horner, Ruy Iskandar, Brian d'Arcy James, Byron Jennings, Aaron Krohn, Jeremiah Maestas, Christopher McHale, Jonny Orsini,Sam Poon, Triney Sandoval, Nathan Stark, Daniel Sunjata, Patrick Vaill, Tyler Lansing Weaks, Derek Wilson, Ethan Hawke and Anne-Marie Duff in Shakespeare's Macbeth, directed by Jack O'Brien.

VIDEO: Ethan Hawke Talks Playing Dead in MACBETH on 'Today'

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