BWWTVWorld Interview: Screenwriter Gary Goldstein Chats Hallmark's HITCHED FOR THE HOLIDAYS

I've written a lot of romantic comedy scripts, or comedies where romance ends up driving a part of the story. I enjoy writing about opposites attracting or odd couples thrown together and having to deal with each other. It's so much of what life is about.

Hallmark does well with these kinds of stories and I’ve been fortunate to find a home for the ones I want to tell, in addition to being asked to work on ones they’ve already had in development.

Once your screenplay is picked up, are you involved at all in the film's production?

Yes, though I’d say more in the pre-production phase, that is, rewriting the script to satisfy scheduling, logistics or casting issues.  Once shooting starts, I’m less involved though am often asked to make quick script revisions based on some late-breaking variable. 

Did you have any particular actors in mind when you were writing?

Not really. There are so many fun, talented actors who could play these kinds of parts. Besides, whoever you think of probably won't get cast anyway! I will say, I think "Hitched" was cast particularly well. 

Along those lines, was the final product what you envisioned when you were writing the story?

Very much so.  Though the original script, which was written as a feature film, went through typical changes to work as a TV movie, we (including my director, producer and the Hallmark execs) worked hard to maintain the first script’s story and characters, tone, humor and warmth.  I’m enormously happy with how the film came out and really proud of everyone’s work in it. 

Don't miss the Hallmark Channel Original Movie HITCHED FOR THE HOLIDAYS, premiering Sunday, November 25 at 8 pm ET/PT, 7c. 

BWWTVWorld Interview: Screenwriter Gary Goldstein Chats Hallmark's HITCHED FOR THE HOLIDAYSAbout Writer Gary Goldstein:

Gary Goldstein has written numerous Hallmark Channel Original Movies including the comedies “The Wish List,” starring Jennifer Esposito and David Sutcliffe and “A Crush On You” with Brigid Brannagh and Sean Patrick Flanery. For Hallmark Movie Channel, Goldstein wrote “The Cabin” starring Lea Thompson and Steven Brand and most recently, the country-western themed “Strawberry Summer” with Shelley Long and Cindy Williams.

He also recently adapted his romantic comedy screenplay "This Magic Moment" for another upcoming Hallmark telefilm, to air in 2013.

Goldstein’s indie feature "Politics of Love," a romantic comedy set before the 2008 U.S. Presidential election, was released in summer 2011 (it is currently available on DVD with frequent cable airings on Showtime). He also wrote the feature romantic comedy, “If You Only Knew,” which was produced by Eternity Pictures and Moonstone Entertainment, and starred Johnathon Schaech, Alison Eastwood, James LeGros and Lainie Kazan.

The writer has sold or optioned a number of original screenplays to various studios, production companies and independent producers, has a string of episodic television credits including “Beverly Hills, 90210” and “Saved by the Bell,” and has sold half-hour comedy pilots to both NBC and Warner Bros. Television.

Goldstein has written several comedies for the Los Angeles stage including “Just Men,” at Hollywood’s Stella Adler Theatre and “Parental Discretion” and “Three Grooms and a Bride,” which both enjoyed long runs at the Coast Playhouse in West Hollywood. His family drama “Curtain Call” premiered in November 2008 at Carmel, California’s Pacific Repertory Theatre, where it was selected as the winner of PacRep’s 2007 Hyperion Playwriting Competition.

Photos courtesy of the Hallmark Channel