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THE X FACTOR: The Top 7 Results Show!


This is it, everyone- the final 7 results show! After tonight, we will be left with just 5 contestants! We are coming down to homestretch and it is getting harder and harder to lose such great performers. It is especially difficult on nights like tonight when two acts must go home. While some contestants struggled, most conquered Michael Jackson songs wonderfully last night. It is tough to decide who should be leaving, but it certainly is easy to know who deserves to stay. We can only hope that America got it right tonight and put the strongest competitors through to next week!

The show kicked off with a group performance of “Man In The Mirror.” It was entertaining, but the vocals seemed a little weak. It was good, but not the best group performance.

The results were announced right away. The contestants going through to next week are Chris Rene, Melanie Amaro (America got it right by keeping her in the competition!), and Rachel Crow (I’m a little surprised that she was put through considering her performance was one of the weakest last night).

Next, Tinie Tempah performed. He did a great job and his performance was full of energy.

The next contestant moving on was Josh Krajcik (He definitely deserves to stay!).

We learned that Astro received the lowest number of votes and would be going home. I was surprised by this decision. He gave a really great performance last night and should not be going home.

The next two contestants with the lowest number of votes were Marcus Canty and Drew. I am also a little surprised by this decision. Marcus gave one of the strongest performances last night. Drew didn’t stand out last night, but she definitely wasn’t the worst. Both of these contestants deserve to stay in the competition.

Drew and Marcus Canty had to sing for their lives and one of them will be leaving tonight. Drew was up first and sang, “Listen to Your Heart.” Her vocals were very shaky and she was obviously nervous. This was not one of her best performances.

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