THE X FACTOR: The Semi-Finals Results Show!


Tonight is the night, everyone- the last results show before the big finale! We are going to find out who our finalists are! There were some really great performances last night, but one more contestant must go home tonight. This huge decision is completely up to America and no one will be performing for their lives. Anything can happen! This is a night when the votes can really make or break the competition. Did America get it right? We will soon find out as the 3 finalists that will be competing next week to win it all are revealed!

The show kicked off with a group performance of “Shout.” The performance was very good. They all really had fun with it and worked well together.

A recap of last night was shown with footage of each contestant’s supporters. It was enjoyable to see their reactions to the performances and the judges’ comments.THE X FACTOR: The Semi-Finals Results Show!

Florence and the Machine performed “Spectrum.” The performance was great and very entertaining.

The judges praised each of the semi-finalists and commented on their strengths. Then, the first results were announced. The contestants that will be moving on to the finals are Chris Rene and Melanie Amaro. Both deserve to be in the finale. They are extremely talented and have grown so much throughout this competition.

Next, Nicole performed “Pretty.” After watching her as a judge this whole season, it was great to finally get to see her perform. Her vocals were powerful and she was full of energy. Her performance was very strong and she really proved that she is an excellent mentor for the contestants.

THE X FACTOR: The Semi-Finals Results Show!The final decision was between Josh Krajcik and Marcus Canty. The last contestant going through to next week is Josh Krajcik. He rightfully earned himself a spot in the finale! His performances last night were incredible and he has rarely had a bad performance in this entire competition.


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