Starry Night Theater presents VINCENT - a Play by Leonard Nimoy

Starry Night Theater presents VINCENT - a Play by Leonard Nimoy

Starry Night Theater Company presents Vincent, a one-man play about artist Vincent van Gogh, written by Leonard Nimoy, performed by James Briggs, under the direction of Brant Pope. Vincent will run in two central Vermont theaters. First, it will run October 24 through October 27 at the Main Street Landing Performing Arts Center, 60 Lake Street, Burlington. Then, Vincent will run October 31 through November 3 at the Valley Players Theater, 4254 Main Street (Route 100), Waitsfield.

The passion, the love and the tormented beauty of the life of Vincent van Gogh is dramatized in this intimate one-man play, which author Leonard Nimoy (Star Trek's Mr. Spock) adapted from hundreds of letters between Vincent and his closest ally, his brother, Theo. In Vincent's lifetime, he sold only one painting, for four hundred francs. His critics labeled his work "madness" in which "blood and fire appear to have usurped the place of color." But his story is so much more than that of the misunderstood genius who cut off his own ear. His life was one of great passions, and even greater turmoil, ultimately ending in suicide one summer day in 1890.

This production, which described as "enlightening and enjoyable" and said "is not to be missed," stars James Briggs. Briggs movingly reveals Vincent van Gogh as few knew him. Most of the story is told by Theo, but at times, Briggs becomes Vincent and embodies the loving, passionate, combative, fierce, stubborn, outrageous, exasperating, moody, amazing, and brilliant man so cherished by his brother. This play is not simply a biographical work, but one filled with drama, conflict, humor and beauty. It also includes over 100 stunning projections of Vincent's artwork on a large screen.

"Vincent" runs approximately 100 minutes, including a ten-minute intermission. While appropriate for all audiences, it is best suited for adults and children ages ten and up.

The Director, Dr. Brant Pope, has a thirty-year career in both professional and academic theatre and has directed over one hundred productions. He is currently the chair of the Department of Theatre and Dance at the University of Texas at Austin and is holder of the Z .T. Scott Family Chair. He has directed at such theatres as Hartford Stage Company, The John Houseman Theatre, Tennessee Repertory Theatre, and Park Square Theatre. For eleven years, he served as director of the FSU Asolo Conservatory, and associate artistic director of the Asolo Theatre Company in Sarasota, Florida.