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Sneak Peek - Vanessa Williams Featured on Tonight's OPRAH'S MASTER CLASS

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Sneak Peek - Vanessa Williams Featured on Tonight's OPRAH'S MASTER CLASS

An all-new episode of the Emmy nominated series "Oprah's Master Class" with multiple award-winning singer and actress Vanessa Williams airs tonight, July 13 at 10:00pm ET/PT on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network.

One of the most respected, multi-faceted performers in entertainment today, Vanessa Williams most recently earned rave reviews as a special guest star on Broadway's Tony Award-winning Duke Ellington hit, "After Midnight" and has performed in dozens of hit films and television shows. In this unprecedented first person account, the multiple Emmy and NAACP Award-winning singer and actress opens up about being the first African-American to ever win the Miss America title, enduring controversy, coming back with her Grammy-nominated hit single, "Save the Best for Last," being a mother of four and how she believes success comes from 'giving your whole heart.'

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First Look:

EXCERPT: Vanessa Williams on Becoming the First Black Miss America

VANESSA: Tapped to be in the Miss Greater Syracuse Pageant which I blew off time and time again. I'm not going to do it. Then I ended up winning Syracuse, New York and Miss America in September within six months period of time. You know we have a whole week of competition so it was theWednesday night I won swimsuit and then Friday night I won talent [CLIP]. So I had a pretty good shot being in the top ten. I sang a song that was easy for me. You know majored in musical theatre so it wasn't like I had to come up with an act. So I just basically was there to have a good time, I really did not think that I would win because I didn't think that it was the time. You know there had never been a black Miss America so why would it be this year. If so, possibly I knew that I had what it took, but I didn't think I'd actually go for it.

Sneak peek here!

EXCERPT: Vanessa Williams: "I'm a Romantic"

VANESSA: When you look at relationships you got to figure out what kind of person you are. I'm a romantic. I like having a partner. I like being married. I like being a mom. That's who I am. I've had some wonderful opportunities to obviously create four amazing kids but to know who I am as a romantic I give my whole heart and when you give your whole heart you get hurt because that's the dare, that's the danger that happens when you don't guard it. But that's how I live. I want to give my whole heart, I want to thoroughly enjoy everything that happens with me in a relationship. When I feel I feel deeply but I move through. Whether it's pain, whether it's transition. When you talk about divorce, it's the death of a marriage. So you're going through the same process that you do with a death of a person. First you're in shock then you go to the denial, well this can't happen. And then you have to accept, okay it's over. If someone doesn't want to be Married to me, then I want somebody who wants to be Married to me and you have to deal with that realization and then once you deal with all that then you can move through and say okay well you know what maybe there's somebody that's gonna be on the same page, maybe not. But it's my time to relax, explore and see what comes.

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