Seth MacFarlane et al Demand Equal Emmy Award Consideration

Seth MacFarlane et al Demand Equal Emmy Award Consideration

The heads of some of Hollywood's leading animation TV series have voiced their frustration over the fact that they are not receiving 'equal treatment' when it comes to Emmy consideration. A letter was sent to the Television Arts and Sciences  which was signed by Simpson's producer Al Jean and 51 others, including Simpsons creator Matt Groening, Simpsons producer James L. Brooks, American Dad and Family Guy's Seth MacFarlane and Futurama's David X. Cohen.

The authors of the letter are upset about a ruling that says that animated shows are not eligible for consideration in non-animated writing categories, yet a non-animated show like NBC's Community, which had an episode last season that was animated and has an animated web series featuring the show's characters, can be considered for animated categories.

The letter, which was sent to TV Academy chair Bruce Rosenblum reads as follows:

To Whom It May Concern:

Television Academy

We the undersigned animation showrunners and writers desire to address what we have regarded as a pernicious and unfair ruling by the Academy for the past 20 years, which we believe now, more than ever, should be redressed.

We have been told that animated program writers could not also submit their work for writing Emmys, for reasons we never understood, but supposedly pertaining to the purity of the branches.

This is why no one was more startled than we when last year "Community" was able to submit for comedy series, writing, and animated program, in the face of everything we had been told for two decades. We were told that for some reason, a one-time waiver was granted.

Imagine our surprise when this year we see "Community" once again eligible for comedy series, writing, animated program, and short-form animated program. This letter is in no way intended to be a slight on the terrific show "Community" but a request from us to enjoy the very same rights they now do. Clearly the Academy's ban on submitting in multiple categories is being enforced in an arbitrary and unfair manner. We therefore request that we also be able to submit our programs for both animation and comedy series as well as in the writing category.