Scoop: CHICAGO FIRE on NBC - Tuesday, January 14, 2014

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01/14/2014 (10:00PM - 11:00PM) (Tuesday) : CASEY FORGES AHEAD AT THE FIREHOUSE DESPITE SIGNS THAT HE MAY NOT BE FULLY RECOVERED FROM HIS HARROWING ACCIDENT-Lieutenant Casey (Jesse Spencer) tries to convince himself and everyone around him that he is one hundred percent healthy following his near-death incident in the line of duty. Shay (Lauren German), not wanting to delve into the emotionally traumatic incident, continues to elude a lawyer who wants to speak with her about Daryl's suicide. Meanwhile, Otis (Yuri Sardarov) and Katie (guest star Brittany Curran) bond over board games, Boden (Eamonn Walker) helps out a woman (guest star Melissa Ponzio) with a negligent landlord and Dawson (Monica Raymund) notices fellow recruit Rebecca Jones (guest star Daisy Betts) undertaking some interesting test-taking techniques at the Academy. Taylor Kinney, Charlie Barnett, David Eigenberg, Joe Minoso and Christian Stolte also star. Jeff Hephner, Randy Flagler and Christine Evangelista also guest star.

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