Sci-Fi Thriller MIND'S EYE Starring Dean Cain to Premiere at Phoenix Film Festival

Sci-Fi Thriller MIND'S EYE Starring Dean Cain to Premiere at Phoenix Film Festival

Mind's Eye, a mind-bending Sci Fi thriller produced by Black Wing Digital Entertainment label, will premiere at the Phoenix Film Festival's 2014 International Horror & Sci Fi fest on Saturday night, April 5. A second screening is scheduled for 4:05 pm Sunday afternoon.

The film stars Dean Cain (The Adventures of Lois & Clark), Natalie Distler (Rescue Me), Izzie Steele, and features Malcolm McDowell (A Clockwork Orange).

Mind's Eye centers on a young musician, Mattie Carver, who is on a strange and unpredictable journey through the looking-glass world of the mind's eye.

Joined by her Science teacher, the school psychologist, two mysterious men in black, and her closest friends, Mattie must find the truth in a constantly morphing reality before it slips away from her forever.

Dean Cain plays a Science teacher who must help Mattie unravel the mysterious experiences which they are sharing, and Malcolm McDowell is featured in the film in the role of her high-school orchestra conductor.

Phoenix offers an excellent audience for the Mind's Eye premiere since its International Horror & Sci Fi Festival welcomes genre films across the spectrum, from the scary to the sublime - from films that make you go "eek" to films that make you go "hmmm." Mind's Eye is the latter type of film. It shares themes with similar films, such as Donnie Darko, Memento, and Mulholland Drive. Mind's Eye deals with the paradoxes of perception, time and memory, trauma and loss.

Mind's Eye takes place at the intersection between science, psychology, and metaphysics. The current runaway popularity of a Science television series such as Cosmos, which is hosted by astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, indicates that audiences are craving mind-bending stories such as Mind's Eye. Says producer Meryem Ersoz, "Physicists are the new rockstars of this century. We are looking to them for answers to our greatest mysteries. I think audiences who like Cosmos will also enjoy watching Dean Cain unravel quantum entanglement in a fast-paced story."

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