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STEP OFF: DANCING Eliminates Another, Loses Some of that 90s, Frosted-Tip Pizazz

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It's time, once again, dear reader, to give the boot to another All-Star. But don't flash those jazz hands too hard quite yet - there are still months to go until the finale. Tonight's somewhat of a shocker elimination episode featured a whole lot of the old, including performances from last season's Katherine Jenkins, as well as Placido Domingo (guess I wasn't cool enough to know who that was before tonight), and Cher Llyod. But also some new.

Given last night's scores (check 'em here) there was a pretty good shot Sarah Palin Jr. or Kirstie Alley might kick the rhinestone bucket - but not so fast.

First, the things that haven't changed:
Once again, Tom Bergeron coyly smiled at all the mothers at home.
Carrie Ann shrieked, causing every child on the entire planet to cry.
And once again, the audience is drug through an hour's worth of broadcasted dirt (commercials, not DANCING itself. Well, okay. That's debatable) to get to the two minutes of the episode that actually matters.

Clearly, there are a lot of "once agains" that accompany any DANCING episode. The formula stays the same with the contestants and performers just foxtrotting from spot to spot each week. This is nothing new.

But there was something new last night! As noted, Sabrina Bryan received the first 9 of the season. To commemorate, Bryan and Louis Van Amstel were requested to show off their Quickstep once again. And once again, they've proven they're way better at this dancing stuff than any of us. And most of the All-Stars.

However, in those pivotal two minutes, the minutes everyone really tuned in for, audiences received their answer: Joey Fatone and Kym Johnson would be ordered to leave the building immediately (Oh, God. So many incredible "Bye, Bye, Bye" references are swirling around. But I won't stoop that low.) Bristol and Kirstie, you can stay. For now.

DANCING returns next Monday, at 8/7 CST on ABC, and so do BroadwayWorld's recaps.

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