STEP OFF: A Just Elimination on DANCING WITH THE STARS, 10/16


It was like dodge ball day in middle school P.E. class on the DANCING WITH THE STARS stage tonight. The competitors, for next week's performances, were divvied up between two teams for freestyle routines: one led by Gilles Marini, the other by Shawn Johnson, the two highest scoring contestants from last night. They obviously chose their teammates based off of their fashion sense and mastery of the Shrinky Dink craft and/or physical ability to throw a red rubber ball. Okay, maybe not. Regardless of their methods, the list of teams is below:

Team Gilles - Dancing to "Gangam Style"

Kelly and Val
Kirstie and Maks
Emmitt and Cheryl

Team Shawn - Dancing to "Call Me Maybe"
Sabrina and Louis
Melissa and Tony
Apolo and Karina

UGH GANGAM STYLE UGH. Are you kidding me?! Will this ridiculous, horse-riding whatsa-what ever go away? For those of you who don't know what "Gangam Style" is, you can check it out here

Warning: this might destroy your cortex and/or cause you to lose all faith in popular culture and humanity's interpretation of music.

So, the moment of glitzy truth: who will go home? Those who delivered with their dancing, and received deserving scores, were announced to be safe. Kirstie and Bristol, both holding the lowest two positions on the DANCING leaderboard, are announced to both also have the lowest number of votes. However, and this may please the majority of DANCING viewers, semi-funny gal and marginal dancer, Kirstie Alley, trumped Bristol Palin.

Well, that's that folks. Maybe we'll see Bristol again when/if her mother decides to throw her bedazzled, red-white-and-blue hat in the Presidential ring. We could only be so lucky. As for now, we can focus on a more concentrate/pleasureable cast of formidable dancers.

Anyway, check back with BroadwayWorld next Monday evening following DANCING WITH THE STARS: ALL-STARS broadcast for the latest recap!

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