SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE Editor Chris Dickens Set for Master Class at FEST - TRAINING GROUND 2014, Running Now thru June 30

SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE Editor Chris Dickens Set for Master Class at FEST - TRAINING GROUND 2014, Running Now thru June 30

It is with huge satisfaction that we announce the addition of Film Editor Chris Dickens to our speakers list. Film editor extraordinaire, Dickens' ground breaking editing style has carved his name in film history.

His international career kicked off with his collaboration with director Edgar Wright. Chris Dickens helmed the edition the short lived, classical TV series "Spaced", which starred Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. Later on the same team would be responsible for the mega-hit zombie parody "Shaun of the Dead" (2004) and "Hot Fuzz" (2007).

During over 20 years in the industry, the British editor has worked in such different titles as Danny Boyles' highly acclaimed "Slumdog Millionaire" (2008), Richard Ayoade's debut feature film "Submarine" (2010), Greg Mottola's "Paul" (2011), and Tom Hooper's "LES MISERABLES".

Chris Dickens received great response for his work in "Slumdog Millionaire", which granted him an Oscar and a BAFTA for best film editing, among many other international awards.

Being one of the most innovative and original editors in film today Chris Dickens' Masterclass is sure to be a unique experience.

FEST - Training Ground is a place where upcoming film makers from all over the world gather in one week, to attend a deluxe training event from workshops to master classes, lectured by industry top experts with recognized achievements. TRAINING GROUND, is now one of the biggest learning forum in the world in the area of filmmaking, in number of participants and number of worldwide recognized experts.

When and Where?
Between today, the 24th, and the 29th of June In Espinho, Portugal, 15 minutes south of Porto in the sea-coast line. A tourism orientated city and one of the summer hotspots of Portugal.

The fee for one week of the world´s best film training activities is only 59 Euros without accommodation or from 89 Euros with accommodation, so be sure to grab your place fast the spaces are limited!

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FEST - Training Ground will have more than 25 Training activities lectured industry top experts, in The Past it has brought names such as MELISSA LEO Oscar Winning Actress (The Fighter, Frozen River, Oblivion) PETER WEBBER (Girl With the Pearl Hearing, Hannibal Rising) Oscar Nominated Cinematographer CHRISTIAN BERGER (The White Ribbon, The Piano Teacher) Oscar Nominated Editor TARIQ ANWAR (American Beauty, The King's Speech) FERNANDO TRUEBA, TOM STERN Cinematographer of Films such as Gran Torino, Million Dollar Baby, The Hunger Games, Oscar winner Editor MARTIN WALSH, LAURENCE BENNETT production designer of films such as Crash and The Artist, 3 times Oscar Winner David Macmillan, and many more, detailed information on