RECAP: Cocaine and Mesh Tank Tops, the GIRLS Do It All

Disarmed by his 'genius' Marnie agrees to have awkward sex with him in front of a Victorian doll. "Look at the doll," he says. "Describe her." Yeesh.

Hannah, high, breasts out, and enraged, leads Laird and Elijah to Booth's to confront Marnie. Because for real, not enough bad things happen to her. Because "It's a Wednesday night and I'm alive!" Hannah proceeds to be Hannah. She accuses Marnie of not being 'the good friend,' she's a liar. Marnie's 'the bad friend': the bad friend who slept with her best friend's gay boyfriend. Marnie then vomits in Booth's toilet.

Elijah, at episode's end, is thrown out by Hannah - who then makes out with Laird in the lobby of their building. Bravo. Really.

Oh, also: Sho and Jessa have a stoop sale, and Sho is mad at Ray for watching too many reruns of Ally McBeal. And that's about all that's new with them because they appeared in approximately 44 seconds of the episode.

So what did you guys think? Too much naked Lena Dunham? Not enough? Wanna see Andrew Rannels lick a toilet again?

Photos Courtesy of HBO


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