Pride Films and Plays Congratulates the Five Finalists in the 2013 Great Gay Screenplay Contest

Pride Films and Plays Congratulates the Five Finalists in the 2013  Great Gay Screenplay Contest

Five finalists have been named in Pride Films and Plays' Great Gay Screenplay Contest, an international contest for screenplays with LGBT characters and themes. The finalists include a wide range of subject matter ranging from a love triangle set in France, a mystical teenage romance laced with racial tension, a set of non-actors facing possible Hollywood stardom, a sweet coming-of-age tale, and an older man's revelation of painful secrets.

The five screenplays will be performed as enhanced staged readings during Gay Film Weekend at Center on Halsted's Hoover-Leppen Theatre November 15 to 17. (The performance schedule will be announced shortly. )

Our 5 finalists are:

  • The Starfish Scream by Brent Hartinger
  • The Passion Child by Amir Sade
  • Boys in Summer by Dennis Shinners
  • Buddy Booth by Edward J. Yaeger Jr.
  • Saguaro by Brandon Yarns

Here are synopses of the screenplays and bios of the screenwriters:

Boys in Summer by Dennis Shinners

A shy American college boy travels to Paris to reconnect with a French exchange student from his High School years and finds himself in battle for his affections with a bold, brash and aggressive Jersey girl.

Dennis Shinners is an NYC filmmaker that produces TV spots for Nickelodeon during The Day and writes his own movies at night. His most recent short "Barrio Boy" (adapted from a previous Pride Films & Plays screenplay finalist) hits the road this fall.

Buddy Booth by Edward J. Yaeger Jr.

A young man and a mysterious woman befriend each other under unorthodox circumstances. Their chemistry is so unique and infectious that the two soon find themselves cast in an indie film by a famous director who wants no-name actors starring in his art-house foray. The two new stars grapple with their demons both on and off screen, interfusing reality with celluloid.

Edward J. Yaeger Jr. is a digital marketer and short story writer based in Baltimore, Maryland. His short story, Gifting, is currently being produced as an animated short film. Edward is a contributing writer and guest blogger for Huffington Post and has written for a variety of LGBT publications, including and Outsports.

The Starfish Scream by Brent Hartinger

Unable to accept that his best friend has committed suicide, a teenage boy searches his memories of their past together for an explanation that makes it make sense.

Brent Hartinger's many plays have been produced around the country, twice in New York. He's also the author of nine novels, all from major publishers; his 2003 gay teen novel Geography Club has now been adapted into a feature film co-starring Scott Bakula and Ana Gasteyer and is set for release in early 2014. In 1990, Brent helped found one of the world's first GSAs, in his hometown of Tacoma, Washington, and he is also the co-founder of, which was sold to Viacom/Logo in 2006.

The Passion Child by Amir Sade

A 52-year old passionate man must reveal long hidden, painful secrets to a 21-year old young man who comes to seek the truth about his father-- 21 years after his father's vague and mysterious death.

Born in Iran, living in exile in the U.S., Amir Sade is a playwright, screenwriter, and astronomer, and has written several shorts, plays and seven screenplays.

The Passion Child took 35 years to develop and transform from an Iranian concept, to a profound American classic drama... Created HEAVENS, and, THE IMAGINATARIUM, the first 3-D Space Art Gallery, and The Live Cosmic Show.