Planet Connections Film Festival Announces the 2014 Film Lineup

Planet Connections Film Festival Announces the 2014 Film Lineup

The Planet Connections Film Festival ( is proud to announce the exciting program of short films, selected to screen as part of the 6th Annual Planet Connections Theatre Festivity ( The 2014 Planet Connections Film Festival is comprised of 8 short films screening on June 2 at Paradise Factory in New York City. The entire festivity runs thru June 8.

Chandra Thomas, Planet Connections Film Festival Coordinator, said, "The incredibly bold and diverse mix of films in this year's festival cover the spectrum of styles and genres. These ambitious filmmakers offer fresh takes on social and environmental questions that are recognizable, probing, and engaging."

2014 Planet Connections Films

The Beast Next Door | Drama |

(Director: Bill Hutchens; Screenwriter: Stephen Monger; Original Short Story Writer: Susan Howe) - Gerald is confined to a wheelchair. He lives alone in his flat with his plants and the only people he has contact with are his caregivers. When he tries to reach out to the woman next door suffering domestic violence from her husband, they set off a chain of events which cannot be reversed.

Clapping for the Wrong Reasons | Documentary |

(Director: Khidr Joseph) - A local and rarely explored look at gentrification's effect on Brooklyn, New York and its effects a community, a culture, and a people from this young filmmaker's lens.

The In-Between | Musical |

(Director: Matthew Glasson; Screenwriter & Lyrics: Lori Fischer; Composer & Lyrics: Casey Black) - A waitress who wants to climb Machu Picchu begins to lose her central vision, but just when she thinks her life is over, a bartender who had previously forgotten how to dream renews her hope.

INS & Outs | Comedy |

(Director: Nelson T. Eusebio III; Screenwriter: Kurt Uy) - Agents Jackson and Washington are on their rounds as they root out illegal immigrants hiding in the nooks and crannies of our cities. A routine call of suspicious behavior turns into more than they bargained for and our heroes have to make some tough decisions about how to dispense justice.

Just Another Part of Me | Drama |

(Director & Writer: Shauntay Cherry) - Shaunna James is successful in many ways, but love doesn't seem to be one of them. After much frustration and being tempted to settle, she discovers that she's her own worst enemy.

Straight as an Arrow | Comedy |