Paul Davids Films at Canyon Moon, 8/26-28


Vision quests. Resurrections. Aliens. Visits from beyond the grave. Miracles. The extraordinary meets the ordinary and takes it by storm. From the distant past in Europe to modern-day Sedona, Arizona, the locations and stories vary, but the quality does not. Each Paul Davids film has a rich combination of culture, romance, science fiction and brilliant storytelling.

Catch the unforgettable classics - and the first-ever sneak preview of Paul Davids' latest film - at Canyon Moon Theatre this August 26 to 28! Along with this exciting presentation of cinematic masterpieces comes the unique opportunity to see another kind of masterpiece- the artwork of Paul Davids.

Paul Davids is an award-winning writer of films and novels. Often collaborating with his wife, Hollace Davids, he has written and directed multiple films, as well as writing episodes for the television series The Transformers and a spin-off Star Wars book series. Notable Paul Davids films include Starry Night, released in 2001, as well as Roswell, the Golden Globe nominated Showtime film, and the controversial feature documentary Timothy Leary's Dead.

The Paul Davids films that will be showing at Canyon Moon Theatre are:
*Starry Night (August 26, 7pm) It won the Audience Award for Best Feature Film at the Newport Beach Film Festival. In this romantic fantasy film, Vincent Van Gogh comes back to life for 100 days in today's world.

*The Life After Death Project (August 27, 2:30pm). Join us for the first sneak preview of Paul Davids' newest film! After the death of famous science fiction writer, editor and collector Forrest J. Ackerman, his friends began to receive what seemed to be mysterious, personal messages from him from "The Other Side". A scientific investigation of the evidence led to a full-scale inquiry into the question of afterlife. The resulting feature documentary promises to be thought-provoking on the same scale as "What the Bleep Do We Know".

*The Artist and the Shaman (August 27, 7pm). This film is the true story of an artist's vision quest in Sedona, Arizona. After the death of his father, who was a famous scholar of American history, an artist seeks guidance from a Native American shaman to restore his spirit, vision and artistic productivity. Together, the artist and the shaman explore the wheel of life, the cycle of birth and death, artistic creativity, and powerful Native American traditions. The artist in this story is Paul Davids himself. His father was Professor Jules Davids of Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service, where he taught for 40 years with students who included Bill Clinton and Jackie Kennedy.