PATERNITY COURT Announces Listings for Week of 11/11

PATERNITY COURT Announces Listings for Week of 11/11

"Paternity Court" is a nationally Syndicated half-hour daily courtroom show, where attorney and relationship expert Lauren Lake brings her unique and dynamic perspective to the courtroom as the presiding judge.

Each case will offer emotionally-charged, life-changing consequences when dramatic DNA results are revealed. Cleared in 92% of the country, the show will air in the top 50 markets including New York/WLNY, Los Angeles/ KTLA & KDOC, Chicago/WCIU, Philadelphia/WPSG & KYW and Washington, DC/WDC among others, encompassing more than 140 stations nationwide.


WEEK OF 11/11


McArthur v. Veals

· A pregnant woman from Lancaster, PA seeks a paternity test after learning her fiance may be her brother.

Moore v. Nelson/Wrigh

· A Salem, IN woman who claims her mother told her "I have no idea who your father is" comes to Paternity Court hoping one man is her biological father.


Reed vs. Austin

· A Chicago, Il man is at the center of paternity disputes between his wife, girlfriend AND mistress.

Moore/Cooper v. Cooper

· A woman from Chicago, Il demands a DNA test for her African-American son's baby who "came out white with blond hair and blue eyes"


Roberts v. Wallace

· A man from Chicago, IL, confronted by his wife, girlfriend, and mistress submits to both lie detector and paternity tests.

Percival/Hansen v. Hansen

· Two Salt Lake City women want to prove a man fathered their children one month apart. He says "no way!"


White vs. White

· An Atlanta woman fears her teen daughter's promiscuity is caused by her low self-esteem and now she is left with a paternity mystery

Sanchez v. Guzman

· A man from Tujunga, CA wants a paternity test for his girlfriend's baby after his brother claims he caught her cheating.


Russell v. Shepard

· A woman from Grand Prairie, TX brings her fiancé to Paternity Court after he pawns her engagement ring and denies paterinity of her son.

Baker v. Woods

· An Atlanta man doesn't know if he or his ex best friend is the father of a 2-year-old girl.

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