NewFilmmakers NY to Screen THE BEEKEEPER and More, 8/20

August 9
8:04 2014
NewFilmmakers NY to Screen THE BEEKEEPER and More, 8/20

NewFilmmakers is a unique Screening Series that gives new filmmakers the opportunity to screen their films in New York, Los Angeles, and Online. On Wednesday, August 20th, NewFilmmakers NY presents a Documentary Series, two Special Programs, a Short Film Program, and the new feature THE BEEKEEPER.

6:00 PM Documentary Series

Ben Kujawski WOODS BASEBALL (2013, 19 minutes)
It's 1997.U.S. President Bill Clinton is inaugurated for his second term. Yachtsman Tony Bullimore is found alive, 5 days after his boat capsized in the Southern Ocean. The first championship game of WOODS BASEBALL is held at Mick Cruzby Field.

6:30 PM Special Program Films shot with Google Glasses

Ben Fraternale OFF SCRIPT (2014, 9 minutes)
After suddenly seeing cameras following him, Jacob (Jesse Lubinsky) theorizes that his life is a scripted movie. Unseen to anyone else, these camera track his every move and force him to wonder if he has lost his mind.

Vince Werner 20/20 (2013, 6 minutes)
20/20 imagines a world, not too long from now, in which almost everyone wears Google Glass.The film follows Brandon as he floats through his day, blissfully unaware of the true implications of his devotion to cutting-edge technology.

Shanna Maurizi LATE NIGHT WITH CARL SAGAN (2013, 11 minutes)
Shot entirely on an iPhone with homemade props and frame by frame animation, the video is a re-staging, a re-imagining, and an insomniac response to Sagan's iconic 1980 series.

7:00 PM Special Program about Addiction

Nicholas Messero CHRISSY THE ADDICT (2014, 20 minutes)
Chrissy the Addict is about a young man named Christopher who goes through the negative effects of being addicted to drugs. Everyone in Christopher's life seems to have given up on him except for his girlfriend Janet.

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