Netflix's HOUSE OF CARDS Delays Start of Season 3 Production Due to MD Tax Credit Bills

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Deadline reports that Netflix's original series HOUSE OF CARDS, starring Kevin Spacey, is delaying the start of production on Season 3 until June while the team waits for news on two tax credit bills stuck in Maryland Legislature.

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The series was renewed for its third season earlier in February. HOUSE OF CARDS' producer Media Rights Capital received more than $11 million in Maryland tax credits for the first season, with an estimated $15 million for Season 2. MRC wants a similar amount -- around $15 million -- for the third season, but the current cap is now set at $7.5 million. The two bills under debate would raise the cap to $11 or $18.5 million.

Producers sent a letter to a few politicians in which MRC said HOUSE OF CARDS would set up shop in another state if the bills were not approved.

MRC's Charlie Goldstein wrote: "In the event sufficient incentives do not become available, we will have to break down our stage, sets and offices and set up in another state." You can read the full letter on Deadline.

HOUSE OF CARDS just released Season 2 on Netflix last week.

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