NBC's DATELINE Adds Saturday Night Mysteries to Weekend Lineup

NBC's DATELINE Adds Saturday Night Mysteries to Weekend Lineup

In addition to its regularly scheduled Friday (8pm/7c) and Sunday (7pm/6c) timeslots, NBC's Dateline is adding Saturday Night Mysteries to the broadcast's weekend programming. Saturday Night Mysteries will present compelling and dramatic two-hour Dateline stories, featuring fascinating characters and suspenseful twists-and-turns.

"Something Wicked" Airs Friday, March 7 at 8pm/7c

When 16-year-old Skylar Neese Disappeared into the night, her parents were shocked to discover that her closest friends carried a dark secret. Andrea Canning reports on a story of Betrayal that went far beyond typical teenage drama (NEW).

"Miles From Nowhere" Airs Saturday, March 8 at 8pm/7c

In the California mountains, a young father called 911 to report that he had been in a shoot-out with a car full of strangers. With one man dead and two others injured, authorities wondered if this was self-defense or something else. Keith Morrison reports (REPEAT).

"Twist of Fate" and "Danger on Diamond Mountain" Air Sunday, March 9

"Twist of Fate" Airs at 7pm/6c

Dateline reports an inspirational story of survival and resilience, and the love between mothers and daughters. A summer evening turned into a nightmare at the Indiana State Fair when the rigging above a concert stage collapsed onto the crowd. First responders and ordinary citizens raced into the wreckage, risking their own lives to try and save complete strangers (NEW).

"Danger on Diamond Mountain" Airs at 8pm/7c

Keith Morrison tells the story of Stanford graduate Ian Thorson and his wife Christie McNally, a leader of a Buddhist group. It is a bizarre and eerie tale of guru devotion, delusion, sexual ritual and much more (NEW).

David Corvo is the senior executive producer, Liz Cole is the executive producer and Lester Holt is the primary anchor of "Dateline" (Fridays at 8pm/7c, Saturdays at 8pm/7c and Sundays at 7pm/6c). Follow "Dateline NBC" on Facebook and Twitter @datelinenbc.

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