Music Stars Yandel, Reyes & Garcia Join Telemundo's LA VOZ KIDS as Mentors

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Music Stars Yandel, Reyes & Garcia Join Telemundo's LA VOZ KIDS as Mentors

The second season of Telemundo's highly rated singing competition, "La Voz Kids," heads into "Battles" next Sunday, April 27th at 8pm/7 CT, following last's night selection of the remaining eight voices. 54 kids, 18 for each #TeamRoyce, #TeamTapia and #TeamNatalia, are set to battle in the next phase of the competition. Coaches Prince Royce, Roberto Tapia and Natalia Jimenez will now dedicate themselves to developing their teams with the help of guest mentors Yandel, Diana Reyes and Kany Garcia, respectively. These Latin music stars will share secrets of their success, give advice to the contestants, and nurture their bourgeoning talent. Battles are comprised of three contestants from one team singing the same song together on stage. Each Battle culminates with that group's Coach choosing which performer will move forward to the final phase.

Each team is now complete, with 18 contestants per Coach. The eight final voices, added in last night's episode, are:

#TeamRoyce, was the first to complete 18 voices for its team, adding two new ones:

YORGELIS WILLIAMS, 14 years old, from Dorchester, Massachusetts. This charismatic Dominican girl put a lot of "rhythm" in her performance, conquering both Tapia and Royce. She cried with excitement as she chose #TeamRoyce.

DOROTHY MILARY, 13 years old, from Caguas, Puerto Rico, got the three Coaches to Turn their chairs and give her a standing ovation. After an intense struggle between the Coaches, she went for Royce, who considered her "one of the best voices in the competition."

#TeamTapia added its last three voices:

GILMARIE VILLANUEVA, 15 years old, from Arecibo, Puerto Rico. She considers it a "blessing" being able to participate in the competition, and the support of her family is instrumental in realizing her dream. Her powerful voice impressed the Coaches, ending up with #TeamTapia.

JESHUA VASQUEZ, 14 years old, from Aguada, Puerto Rico. He considers himself a mature and responsible kid, whose dream is to become an orchestra director. He got all the Coaches to dance with his performance and wept with emotion when all three of them turned their chairs.

JASMIN SILLERO, 14 years old, from La Joya, Texas. She likes Regional Mexican music and considers her grandparents instrumental in her love of music. Tapia turned during the last second of her presentation. She couldn't contain her joy to be part of the competition.

#TeamNatalia added her final three voices:

SAMANTHA TISCARENO, 11 years old, from Rancho Santa Fe, California, of Mexican origin. She comes from a close family that loves to sing. The three Coaches turned but she decided on Natalia, who couldn't hide her joy to have her join her team.

ABEL GONZALEZ, 14 years old, from Miami, Florida. This Cuban boy considers himself polite, loving and someone who values the important things in life. Natalia was the only one to Turn and said, "I want your voice."

AIMEE MIRANDA, 13 years old, from Newburgh, New York, of Ecuadorian origin. This girl, who enjoys writing poems and songs, has dreamt of becoming a great artist since an early age. Natalia and Tapia both turned, ending with Natalia.


· YANDEL will join #TeamRoyce. This amazing artist has over 14 years of a very successful music career, now as a solo artist and before as part of the duo WISIN Y YANDEL, leaders in urban Latin music sales worldwide. They obtained numerous multi-platinum certifications in the U.S. and Latin America, in addition to dozens of prestigious awards, including the Latin GRAMMY®.

· DIANA REYES will join #TeamTapia. This very successful Regional Mexican singer, had her first musical performance at the early age of 8, and from that moment on she has had an unstoppable career; performing at the best venues and garnering countless mayor awards.

· KANY GARCIA will collaborate with #TeamNatalia. The Puerto Rican singer-songwriter, producer and musician has been honored with several Latin GRAMMY® Awards, among other accolades. She is considered one of the most versatile artists of her generation, gaining respect from the public, colleagues and the industry.



YOANDRI CABRERA, 14, of Miami, Florida (origin: Cuba)

SARAH SILVA, 10, of Banning, California (origin: Mexico)

AMANDA MENA, 11, of Lynn, Massachusetts (origin: Dominican Republic)

YAREL PADILLA, 13, from Ensenada, Puerto Rico

DANIELA RAMOS, 11, of Hallandale Beach, Florida (origin: Venezuela)

ANGEL GARCIA, 7, from Rowland Height, California (origin: Mexico)

SACHIELLY MARKET, 14, of Parkland, Florida (origin: Puerto Rico)

MARANGELYS VICENS, 15, of San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico

ANGELY RABSATT, 14, of the Bronx, New York (origin: Puerto Rico - Dominican Rep.)

ASHLEY ROMERO, 11, of Los Angeles, California (origin: El Salvador)

JUAN MANUEL VELEZ, 8, of Houston, Texas (origin: Mexico)

DANIEL CASILLAS, 11, of Chicago, Illinois (origin: Mexico)

KARINA TIRADO, 12, of Humacao, Puerto Rico

JON RIVERA, 13, of Barranquitas, Puerto Rico

GENESIS RODRIGUEZ, 7, of Bell Gardens, California (origin: Mexico)

DESTINY RON, 15, of Waukegan, Illinois (origin: Mexico)

YORGELIS WILLIAMS, 14, of Dorchester, Massachusetts (origin: Dominican Republic)

DOROTHY MILARY, 13, Caguas, Puerto Rico


ERICK DOMINGUEZ, 14, of Richmond, California (origin: Mexico)

JACOB ANDERSON, 11, of Las Vegas, Nevada (origin: Mexico)

GENESIS PAZ, 10, of Pems, California (origin: Mexico)

APRIL CISNEROS, 8, of Las Vegas, Nevada (origin: Mexico)

RUBY SAAVEDRA, 11, of Rosenberg, Texas (origin: Mexico)

CHRISTO ESCALANTE, 7, of Mt Pleasant, Texas (origin: Mexico)

JULIO YANEZ, 14, of Edinburg, Texas (origin: Mexico)

NAYELI RODRIGUEZ, 12, of Kissimmee, Florida (origin: Puerto Rico)

DIEGO REVILLA, 14, in Maputo, Mozambique (origin: Nicaraguan / Peruvian)

LIZA MORALES, 13, of Oakland, Florida (origin: New York - Dominican Rep.)

PAOLA ESTRELLA, 13, of Comerio, Puerto Rico

ANGELINA GREEN, 9, of Miami, Florida (origin : Paraguay)

JACKELYN BARRERA, 14, of Roma, Texas (origin: Mexico)

NATALIA LOYA, 12, of Downey, California (origin: Mexico)

JONATHAN PAGÁN, 11, of Caguas, Puerto Rico

GILMARIE VILLANUEVA, 15, of Arecibo, Puerto Rico

JESHUA VASQUEZ, 14, of Aguada, Puerto Rico

JASMIN SILLERO, 14, of La Joya, Texas (origin: USA)


YANELIS RIVERA, 13, of Lares, Puerto Rico

PATRICIA ROSARIO, 14, of Yabucoa, Puerto Rico

LUIS GARCIA, 14, of Rowland Heights, California (origin: Mexico)

DANIELLE RUBIO, 12, of Rolling Hills, California (origin: Mexico)

JAITZA GONZALEZ, 14, of Arecibo, Puerto Rico

LESLIE MENDOZA, 13, of Bensenville, Illinois (origin: Mexico)

ITALIA PEREZ, 13, of Ark City, Kansas (origin: Mexico)

JEYSHANGELISE GARCIA, 14, of Naguabo, Puerto Rico

GABRIEL ARREDONDO, 15, of Aguada, Puerto Rico

JULYANNA FIMBRES, 13, of Calexico, California (origin: Mexico)

XIAREXIS GARCIA, 10, of Vega Baja, Puerto Rico

YAILENYS PEREZ, 13, of Hialeah, Florida (origin: Cuba)

ISAAC JIMENEZ -HERNANDEZ, 13, of Rialto, California (origin: Mexico)

CELESTE LOZANO, 11, of Laredo, Texas (origin: Mexico)

GABRIEL MONTAÑEZ, 14, of Pine Hill, New Jersey (origin: Mexico)

SAMANTHA TISCARENO, 11, of Rancho Santa Fe, California (origin: Mexico)

ABEL GONZALEZ, 14, of Hialeah, Florida (origin: Cuba)

AIMEE MIRANDA, 13, of Newburgh, New York (origin: Ecuador)

"Suelta La Sopa Extra" (10pm/9c), the after-show hosted by Jorge Bernal and Penelope Menchaca, presented the most memorable moments during the Blind Auditions stage. Last night's show, also featured Mexican music star Diana Reyes who joined the hosts to talk about her role as a mentor of the music competition helping contestants from #TeamTapia, and renowned composer, Omar Alfano. The lovely seven-year-old Christo Escalante from #TeamTapia came back with his charisma before the beginning of the battles.

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