Museum of the Moving Image Announces Schedule for FIRST LOOK Showcase of International Work


OUTSIDE SATAN (HORS SATAN), the breathtaking and provocative new feature directed by Bruno Dumont, will be the opening night film of the Museum of the Moving Image's two-week showcase FIRST LOOK. The Friday, January 4 screening opens the Museum's second annual showcase for inventive, groundbreaking new international cinema, which includes 26 works-feature-length and short films-from Argentina, Brazil, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Portugal, Russia, South Korea, Spain, Thailand, and the United States: a highly selective group of films that are distinguished by their artistic audacity. All of the feature films, and nearly all of the short films, are New York premieres. The series closes on Sunday, January 13, with a program of short films by Kleber Mendonça Filho, the acclaimed Brazilian director of NEIGBORING SOUNDS.

Featured FIRST LOOK filmmakers include established masters such as Thom Andersen (appearing with RECONVERSION on January 12), James Benning (with EASY RIDER on January 6), and Bruno Dumont, and such exciting emerging directors as Joana Preiss (appearing with SIBERIA on January 5), Mati Diop (with a program of short films on January 5), Eloy Enciso (appearing in person with ARRAIANOS on January 5), Nicolás Pereda (appearing in person with GREATEST HITS on January 11), and Philip Scheffner (REVISION on January 12). In addition to Dumont's OUTSIDE SATAN, among the highlights are Benning's EASY RIDER, a landscape film that revisits the locations of Dennis Hopper's 1969 movie; IN The Shadows by Thomas Arslan, a major figure in the Berlin School movement (on January 13); and INORI, Mexican filmmaker González-Rubio's (Alamar) haunting look at an aging Japanese village, produced with the assistance of Japanese director Naomi Kawase, and winner of the Golden Leopard at the Locarno Film Festival (on January 6).

FIRST LOOK is curated by Dennis Lim, editor of Moving Image Source, the Museum's multimedia magazine; Rachael Rakes, Assistant Curator of Film; and David Schwartz, Chief Curator. Essays on select films will be published on Moving Image Source ( in early January.

"Many of the films in this year's edition take the form of journeys-geographical, emotional, and artistic," said David Schwartz. "This is truly a series filled with discoveries, and a great way for adventurous filmgoers to start 2013."

"As with last year's inaugural edition, we wanted to showcase the range of innovation the exists in world cinema today," said Dennis Lim. "And we also wanted to draw attention to films that have fallen through the cracks, like Manuel Mozos's XAVIER, a lost classic of recent Portuguese cinema, and IN The Shadows by Thomas Arslan, a major German director whose work has not been widely shown in the States."

"This year, FIRST LOOK has expanded its breadth, with genre-defying, boundary-pushing works of all forms, demonstrating how cinematic creativity can be found in modes as divergent as action movies and the avant-garde," said Rachael Rakes.

With its debut in 2012, FIRST LOOK was instantly recognized as a vital new addition to New York's film scene, an oasis of thoughtful and provocative filmmaking amid the hype and noise of the awards season. It is a great way for New York filmgoers to start the year, just ahead of the Sundance and Rotterdam film festivals.

FIRST LOOK is presented with support from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Beyond Kombucha, Cinema Tropical, Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the United States, The Korea Society, and Pragda.

Tickets for screenings (with the exception of opening night) are included with Museum admission ($12 adults / $9 students and senior citizens). A First Look series pass, allowing the holder admission to the Museum and all First Look screenings for the run of the series is available for $40. All screenings, with the exception of the opening event, are free for Museum members (members receive a discount on opening night tickets). Memberships start at $75 with benefits that include year-round free admission to the Museum and its programs, reservation privileges, and discounts on special programs.

Film Schedule for FIRST LOOK Showcase, January 4-13, 2013:

Unless otherwise noted, film screenings take place in the main Moving Image Theater at Museum of the Moving Image, 36-01 35 Avenue (at 37 Street), Astoria, and are included with Museum admission. Advance tickets for some special screenings and events are available online at or by calling 718-777-6800.

Opening Night:

Followed by opening reception sponsored by Beyond Kombucha
Friday, January 4th at 7:30 PM
France. Dir. Bruno Dumont. 2011, 110 mins. With David Dewaele, Alexandra Lemâtre. The impassive hero of Dumont's mysterious, monumental parable is a nameless drifter with miraculous powers who seems to exist beyond good and evil. In the stark, desolate hinterlands near the Calais coast, this Jesus-or is it Satan?-figure becomes the protector of an awkward young woman. An opaque spiritual allegory in a breathtaking setting, beautifully photographed in CinemaScope, OUTSIDE SATAN recaptures the elemental power of Dumont's earliest works, LIFE OF JESUS and L'HUMANITE. Like all his best films, it's equal parts provocation and theological inquiry.

Tickets: $12 public/$9 Museum members and free for Silver Screen members and above. Buy tickets in advance online at or by calling 718-777-6800.

Saturday, January 5th at 2:30 pm
France. ATLANTIQUES, 2009, 15 mins.; SNOW CANON, 2011, 33 mins.; BIG IN VIETNAM, 2012, 28 mins. Best known for her performance in Claire Denis' 35 SHOTS OF RUM, Mati Diop is steadily acquiring international recognition as a director of intimate and intense narrative portraits. Her three most recent shorts vary widely in subject-from a tragic voyage over the Moroccan border to a coming-of-age seduction in the Alps and a chance meeting between two Vietnamese expats in the streets of Marseilles-but they share brilliant experimental approaches to film structure and form.

SIBERIA (SIBÉRIE) With Joana Preiss in person Saturday, January 5th at 5 pm Presented with support from the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the United States. France. Dir. Joana Preiss. 2011, 82 mins. With Preiss, Bruno Dumont. Filmed entirely by Preiss and her then lover, Dumont, mostly in the claustrophobia of a train car on the Trans-Siberian Railway, SIBERIA is an intense and raw observation of a relationship's denouement. With unflinching honesty and a Direct Cinema approach, Preiss's documentary is a fascinating psychological exploration of love, dependency, and the bounds of romantic privacy.

With Eloy Enciso in person
Saturday, January 5th at 7:30 pm
Hosted by Maria and Raphael Gonzalez.
Co-presented and supported by Pragda. Additional support provided by Spain Culture New York-Consulate General of Spain: member of the network Spain Arts & Culture.
Spain. Dir. Eloy Enciso. 2012, 70 mins. Somewhere between documentary and fable, ARRAIANOS is an unconventional portrait of an old village on the Galicia-Portugal border, where the inhabitants live and work in a quiet routine. Alternating with real moments of daily village life-with scenes of farming, drinking in the local bar, and singing traditional songs-are dramatizations from a foreboding play by the Galician writer Jenaro Marinhas del Valle, and swirling rumors that a new, unwelcome world may be pressing its way through the immense surrounding forest...

Preceded by BIRDS (ZWAZO). Portugal. Dir. Gabriel Abrantes. 2012, 17 mins. Three Haitian girls make their way through the vegetation and colonial ruins of Jakmel, arriving at the town square to find a local production of Aristophanes' BIRDS.

Japan. Dir. Pedro González-Rubio. 2012, 72 mins. Winner of the Golden Leopard at the Locarno Film Festival, INORI is the haunting, poetic, and atmospheric second feature from González-Rubio (Alamar). In collaboration with Japanese filmmaker Naomi Kawase, González-Rubio explores a tiny mountain community in Japan made up entirely of the elderly. While the younger generations have left for bigger cities, the scattered few remaining inhabitants perform their everyday activities in peaceful and reflective solitude.

With James Benning in person
Sunday, January 6th at 5 pm
U.S. Dir. James Benning. 2012, 95 mins. Revitalized by his recent switch to digital filmmaking, Benning, one of the greats of American experimental cinema, "remakes" Dennis Hopper's 1969 classic by taking a road trip through the film's locations. Featuring Benning's extraordinary eye for composition, snatches of dialogue from the original film, and an all-female soundtrack, the result engages the viewer's memory of EASY RIDER in surprising and provocative ways, questioning the mythology of the American landscape and the 1960s counterculture.