Meron, Zadan Reveal OSCAR Closing Number Secrets

Meron, Zadan Reveal OSCAR Closing Number SecretsOn Sunday night's Academy Award's broadcast, Kristin Chenoweth and host Seth MacFarlane effortlessly entertained the star-studded audience with a hilarious closing number titled "Here's to the Losers". The song was a take-off on the 1964 Frank Sinatra song written by Jack Segal and Robert Wells which also paid homage to, well, the losers.

"Here's to all the losing works of art," they crooned, "From "Lincoln" to "Amour", To the disappointed actors wondering, What they dressed up for"

In an interview with the LA Times on Monday, the show's creators, Neil Meron and Craig Zadan revealed how the final song was written in real time, due to the fact that much of its contents were not known until the night's winners were announced.

"It was actually quite complex," Zadan explained. "It really started off with Neil and me the first day we were hired by the academy to do the show. We took 40 years of Oscar shows on DVD and watched them to see what works, what doesn't work, what consistently is not working each year -- really analyzing every minute of it.

"One of the things we noticed was that at the show's end, after best picture has been announced, the host says...," Zadan's voice shifting to high-speed delivery: " 'Thank you very much, goodbye, hope you had a good time!' On every show.

"That is not acceptable for us. So we thought about, 'What do we do?' We also had to throw into the mix something that would not be adding any time to the show, because by the time it gets to the end, people want it to be over because it's so long."