Lee Pace Is 'Totally Game' For PUSHING DAISIES: THE MUSICALMulti-award-winning cult TV dramedy series PUSHING DAISIES has been rumored to be finding a second life onstage some season soon and the show's original star, Lee Pace, discusses the prospect of putting the show on Broadway as part of a new interview.

Directly addressing whether he would like to be involved in a stage version of PUSHING DAISIES, Pace opines, "I've always wanted to do a musical. Always been kind of curious about that. I can't let my career end without doing a musical. So I would, yeah. I'd totally be game for that. It sounds actually really fun. It'd be fun to get the band back together."

Furthermore, Pace reveals, "Oh, we had so many musical episodes, so many songs in the show. It could be perfect. Can't you just imagine The Pie Hole on stage? Perfect, right?"

Additionally, Pace says, "Bryan [Fuller] feels as strongly about this show as I do, obviously. We always talked about different ways to get back with Ned because it ended so abruptly. It was unsatisfying for us, and it would be great to conclude it."

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