Kathy Griffin, Leah Remini Guest Star on TV LAND Comedies Tonight


Ring in the New Year on TV Land with all-new episodees of "THE EXES" at 10:00pm with new recurring guest star Leah Remini and "KIRSTIE" at 10:30pm with guest star Kathy GRIFFIN. The fun begins tonight, January 1st at 10:00pm ET/PT.

First, on an all-new THE EXES" titled 'NOTHING IN COMMON,' Stuart's (David Alan Basche) sister Nicki (Leah Remini) shows up unannounced at the guys' apartment in The Middle of the night with big news about her marriage.

As Stuart tries to play expert and guide Nicki through her problems, Haskell (Wayne Knight) pines over Nicki's beauty and loses his ability to form sentences. Meanwhile, Phil and Eden's relationship gets tricky when a potential ménage à trois is put on the table.

Then, on an all-new episode of Kirstie titled 'THE GIRL NEXT DOOR", when Kathy Griffin moves in across the hall, Maddie (Kirstie Alley) worries that she may become the second biggest star in the building. Maddie loses her confidence even more after she finds out that Arlo (Eric Petersen) and Kathy have become friends.

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