Jon Reiss' BOMB IT 2 to be Released on VOD, 8/6


Hybrid Cinema is pleased to announce the VOD (Video On Demand) release of global graffiti documentary Bomb It 2, by award-winning Filmmaker-Author Jon Reiss on Tuesday, August 6, 2013 via Cinedigm. Going where no graffiti doc has Gone before, in this follow-up to his explosive street art documentary Bomb It, Reiss travels to Asia, Australia, the Middle East, and beyond, exploring local graffiti scenes and speaking to local artists. Graffiti and street artists featured include Ash Keating, Bon, Great Bates, Husk Mit Navn, Klone, Know Hope, Phibs, Stormie Mills, Vexta, Victor Ash, Xeme, and many others. In keeping with the international approach to the film, Bomb It 2 is having premieres on three continents - North America, Asia, and Africa - with more screenings to come. On August 6th, Bomb It 2 will be available on demand via iTunes, Amazon, Vudu, Xbox, Google/YouTube, and the Bomb It 2website. Hulu, Netflix, and DVD releases will follow in September and October, 2013. For more information, please visit

"I am continually inspired to explore the world's vibrant graffiti and street art communities, which flourish in some of the most unlikely places - such as Singapore," says Bomb It 2 Director Jon Reiss, "Wherever I go - from Perth to Copenhagen, to the West Bank and Tel Aviv - the need to express oneself in public is a constant, despite the potential risks."

In Bomb It 2, the follow-up to the explosive 2007 global graffiti documentary Bomb It, Reiss takes audiences to previously unexplored areas of the Middle East, Europe, Asia, the United States, and Australia on a hunt for innovative street art and artists. Using an ultra compact camera and sound package, Reiss traveled by himself to artists representing a wide range of cultures, styles, and beliefs, with Reiss functioning as producer, director, cameraman, and sound person all at once on the film. In the process of making the film, he climbed into sewers, visited red ant infested buildings, and fractured his ankle in an Estonian hall of fame.

In the Middle East, Reiss talks with Muhnned Alazzh in the West Bank where Alazzh emphasizes the cultural and political significance of writing on The Wall in Palestinian refugee camps. In Jakarta, Indonesia, Darbotz paints his signature squid monsters in black and white, to distinguish them from the explosion of color on the Jakarta streets. In Singapore, Reiss connects with street artists Zero and Killer Gerbil, who explain the paradox of doing graffiti in one of the most highly policed states in the world. Many countries visited for Bomb It 2 didn't have much of a street art scene at all when the original Bomb It was shot back in 2004-2005.