Investigation Discovery's LAST SEEN ALIVE to Debut 6/1

Investigation Discovery's LAST SEEN ALIVE to Debut 6/1

We've all witnessed the national impact of an Amber Alert when a child goes missing, with police and media mounting a major operation to find them. Unfortunately, cases are rarely investigated with the same urgency when the missing person is over the age of 18 or considered a possible runaway, leaving devastated loved ones lost and alone in their search for answers. Investigation Discovery's new series LAST SEEN ALIVE follows the emotional and action-packed journeys of 12 families-turned-detectives as they chase down leads, interview potential witnesses, and travel cross-country in the hope of reuniting with their recently missing relatives. Beginning with the moment the person was last seen alive, episodes chronicle the search efforts of a desperate family with everything to lose, aided by a skilled private investigator determined to turn chase down every lead. Though the status of these investigations could change at any minute, many concluded filming with heart-warming resolutions, some with tragic endings, while others remain open and active to this day. The six-episode first season of LAST SEEN ALIVE premieres Sunday, June 1 at 9/8c only on Investigation Discovery.

"LAST SEEN ALIVE is a natural evolution in storytelling for ID. Our viewers have always been moved by stories of families desperate to find missing loved ones, sometimes after decades of anguished searching," said Kevin Bennett, general manager of Investigation Discovery. "LAST SEEN ALIVE affords ID the rare opportunity to make a profound impact on recent missing-persons investigations, using our national platforms on air and online to bring much-needed attention to ongoing cases. We hope ID viewers can help produce a new lead that just might be the missing link to bringing a person home."

More than 700,000 people go missing every year in North America, and every hour they stay lost lowers the odds of their safe return. The five private investigators featured throughout LAST SEEN ALIVE have proven track records of locating missing persons despite the odds being against them. Monica Caison, Tom Klatt, Kelly Townsend, Amber Cammack, and Christine Burke rely on years of experience as missing-person experts, law enforcement officers, police detectives, and private investigators to guide families in their search for answers and do much of the heavy lifting.

The first four episodes are:

A Mother's Love premieres Sunday, June 1 at 9/8c

· Scarlett DeLoach

Had been last seen April 30, 2013 in Reidsville, NC -- Age at the time of disappearance: 16

Nine months ago, 16-year-old Scarlett DeLoach Disappeared from her North Carolina home in the middle of the night. Her mother enlists the help of missing-persons expert Monica Caison to chase leads, including the possibility that Scarlett's boyfriend and his mother helped her run away. A promising tip eventually leads to an isolated house in rural Virginia. But when the chase becomes another dead end, it's up to Monica to switch gears and take a radical new approach.

· Nicole Martindale

Last seen September 24, 2013 in Sarnia, Ontario -- Age at the time of disappearance: 18

For five months, Julia Martindale has been searching for her 18-year-old daughter, Nicole. Believing she's on the run with her dangerous outlaw boyfriend, Brandon, has left her in a constant state of anxiety. When local police run out of leads, private detective Tom Klatt steps in to take over. The investigate lead after lead until the case takes a dramatic turn when Nicole suddenly surfaces and makes contact.

A Cry For Help premieres Sunday, June 8 at 9/8c

· Alexandria "Ali" Lowitzer

Last seen April 26, 2010 in Spring, TX -- Age at the time of disappearance: 16

Fifteen-year-old Alexandria "Ali" Lowitzer gets off a bus in Spring, Texas, and disappears without a trace. Convinced she was abducted, her parents have been looking for her ever since. Now four years later, they've uncovered a new lead that takes them to a crack house in Columbus, Ohio. Their private investigator, Amber Cammack, is determined to bring Ali home and risks her life by going undercover to rescue her, but the situation proves more lurid and dangerous than anyone ever imagined.