'Intelligence For Your Life' TV to Launch This September

'Intelligence For Your Life' TV to Launch This September

Accomplished media entrepreneurs John Tesh, Connie Sellecca and Gib Gerard announced today they've signed 130 stations to officially launch "Intelligence for Your Life" TVon September 15, 2014. The syndicated, daily program hosted by Tesh, Sellecca and millennial expert Gerard will provide"shareable intel that can improve every part of your life."

The new broadcast venture will serve as the televisedextension of Tesh's"Intelligence for Your Life" and Sellecca's "Intelligence for Your Health," the highly popular nationally-syndicated radio programs, which are on 33 hours per week and have reached 8.2 million listeners each week for the past 12 years. Find out more at: Intelligenceforyourlife.com and Intelligenceforyourhealth.com.

The television program is produced by Sellecca, Tesh and Gerard and self-syndicated under the direction of former Paramount Television executive Mark Dvornik. The daily strip will launch with 83% of the U.S. and in Canada into nearly 100 million homes, airing Monday-Saturday and will be cross-promoted with the daily radio show.

"Our nearly 300 radio stations have helped us build a strong lifestyle brand over the last 12 years and the addition of broadcast and online video is a natural progression," says Tesh. "I spent 25 years in the local news world and then another 10 in television syndication with Entertainment Tonight and I'm excited to partner with our strong launch group of affiliates."

Says Sellecca, "Creating and co-hosting this show with my husband and son is a blast! The discussion segment of the program at the 'family table' lets the audience in on some of our 23 years of family dynamics."

The new ground-breaking half hour television program (aired in most markets as 2 half hours) will be available in 7 of the Top 10 markets including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Dallas and Boston. The show will connect viewers to experts in various fields and feature short, shareable segments from the most popular radio show categories. Advice and living insight from some of the world's most respected health/medical, finance, relationships & dating, career, travel and beauty experts are shared in creative, motion graphic broadcast segments.

The "Intelligence for Your Life" production team utilizes a fully integrated content strategy and unique production model to build on current relationships withadvertisers. The strategic media team will create a personalized program in each individual market to not only produce useful 'life coaching' pieces for the viewer, butto also create unique, branded-content pieces in which advertisers can reside.Says Gerard, "This is a show that protects our local and national advertisers from the 'DVR dilemma.'"