IN FOCUS WITH MARTIN SHEEN Reports on Green Construction Techniques

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The producers of In Focus with Martin Sheen have announced an upcoming report highlighting efforts to protect the environment and cut energy costs through green construction techniques.

In Focus with Martin Sheen is an independently produced television program airing on public television. The TV show is hosted by the legendary Martin Sheen and airs in markets around the country. In Focus Martin Sheen covers several topics important to audiences including how to be more environmentally conscious while also cutting home energy costs.

In Focus PBS will be talking to engineers to help audiences see the relationship between the materials chosen to build a home and energy costs. By creating homes that cut energy use, these engineers are also helping the environment by cutting the demand for electricity produced by fossil fuels that can damage our natural world through the emission of greenhouse gases.

In Focus will have this new report ready for air later this year. For more information about the reports or to offer other ideas related to this topic, In Focus with Martin Sheen can be reached through the show’s official website at or on Facebook at

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