IN FOCUS WITH MARTIN SHEEN Reports on Building Brands Through Customer Service

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The producers of In Focus with Martin Sheen have announced an upcoming report showcasing the ways businesses are turning negative initial customer experiences into positive gains for the company's brand in the future.

In Focus with Martin Sheen is an independently produced television program airing in markets around the country on public television. The TV show is hosted by the legendary Martin Sheen, who has appeared in more than 60 films over his illustrious 50 year career. In Focus Martin Sheen reviews several issues facing businesses in a new age of internet commerce, including how to create a positive image through good customer experiences.

While most transactions with customers are uneventful for companies, a variety of mistakes can occasionally create problems for customers. In Focus Martin Sheen PBS is looking at how companies are using these issues to create a positive experience for customers and the company through prompt customer service. While the uneventful purchase rarely gets mentioned by the consumer, the added interaction with the company makes an individual more likely to share it with friends. Brands that offer satisfactory customer service can build confidence in a future purchase by illustrating their concern for the customer and their desire to keep them in the future.

In Focus with Martin Sheen will have this new report after the first of the year. For more information about the report or to offer other ideas related to this topic, In Focus with Martin Sheen can be reached through the show's official website at or on Facebook at

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