IDOL WATCH: And the Season 11 Winner Is...

Ace Young proposes to Diana DeGarmo with the lights and "results" soundtrack and all playing, which is actually totally fitting and kind of cute in a super sappy way, and all the best to them - although they weren't actually on the same season of Idol, the two were co-stars in Hair on Broadway. Hollie performs "You'll Never Walk Alone" from Carousel with Jordin Sparks, and Jessica performs "And I Am Telling You" from Dreamgirls.

Jessica's joined by Jennifer Holliday. Both of them seem like they're not at all willing to be outsung by the other, which spawns a performance of crazy good vocals and facial expressions that make both look absolutely insane. Finally, Aerosmith performs (it's...slightly better than I thought it'd be given the average age of the band), and Jessica and Phillip sing a duet of "Up Where We Belong," then it's at last time for results.

And the Season 11 American Idol is...Phillip Phillips!

I mean, I knew that Phil was going to win (I totally called it), but American Idol has probably been a huge dream of Jessica's since she was, like, five. So I can't help but feel a little badly for her - but I really do feel like both of them were deserving in different ways and Phil breaks down during his finale song for a touching finish to the finale. What do you think? Did America make the right choice? Sound off below!


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