Glee-Cap: Swan Song


It's that time again, ladies and gentle-gleeks:  time to warm up and tune in to see who comes out on top from last week's battle. And with that last-minute twist and cliffhanger, not a moment too soon! Thanksgiving was stuffed full of excitement and intrigue, so what comes next? Is Marley going to be okay? Will anyone figure out what's going on? And the even bigger question of the night - who won Sectionals? It's all to come, so buckle up and get ready as we jump right in with the aftermath of "Gangnam Style" and the anticipation of NYADA's Winter Showcase.

We start right where we left off with New Directions rushing an incapacitated Marley back to the choir room in an attempt to rouse her. It's revealed that she hasn't been eating, and Santana immediately blames Kitty, who of course denies it. Before they can go back on stage to finish the set, Sue Sylvester herself appears to inform them all that, not only is it a Show Choir bylaw that leaving the stage mid-performance risks immediate disqualification, the judges have unanimously voted and declared the Warblers victorious. You heard it here, kids – New Directions have lost Sectionals! Shortly afterward, Kurt informs Rachel that Blaine has called to tell the sad news, which means glee club is over for the year. They then discuss Kurt's next audition for NYADA and the upcoming Winter Showcase – including the 'golden tickets' Carmen Tibideaux passes out to the ten people selected to perform for it, and how everyone who has won the Showcase has gone on to win awards of all types. In typical Glee fashion, Rachel receives one of the invites – making her the first freshman in seven years to be asked to perform.

Back in Ohio, Finn enters the choir room to find it being sacked by Coach Sylvester and her Cheerios. Sue has wasted no time in getting the paperwork filed to take possession of the choir room and everything, including the glee club budget. She takes great time and pleasure in taunting Finn with his loss and the consequences of it: including a threat to run over their Nationals trophy with her LeCar, which results in a grappling match for the trophy and ends with them both going to the principal. Figgins, unfortunately, sides with Sue, informing both Finn and Will that there are no available spaces for the glee club to rehearse, now that their season is officially over. Everything has been taken by other clubs, or rented out as meeting spaces for the income, and Finn is forced to hand over the keys to the choir room. Later in her office with Becky, however, Sue shows what could be a bit of remorse; the victory feels empty, and she expresses concern for what will become of the glee kids without their club. Finn and Will are left with the task of telling the New Directions that glee is over for the year until next September, save for a holiday concert later in the week. None of the remaining members seem too keen on the idea after having suffered the loss, and Tina very vocally places the blame for their loss on Marley.

Brittany finds a line of cheerios on the floor (the actual cereal) and follows them to an empty classroom, where Sam is waiting for her. He expresses that he's into Brittany, and that his biggest regret about glee being over is that he never got to sing a love song with Brittany. They sing the Frank Sinatra classic "Something Stupid", after which Sam tries to kiss Brittany, only to be turned down, for fear of putting him in danger. She fears a relationship with him will make the lesbian bloggers of the world, who have shown such love and support for her and Santana, will become angry at him and attack him. Back in NYC, Rachel is once more on the bad end of Cassandra July's dance class, this time over her needing a drink of water and having to stop. They have a brief altercation, which then results in a dance-off to "All That Jazz" from Chicago, which Cassandra, understandably, wins. Rachel comes out of it both humbled about her dancing, but sure that the way to win the Showcase is with her voice. Kurt stops by Carmen's office to check about his application for the second semester, only to be told that all she saw with him was flash, and no substance; that any second chances (something very rare for her) would come on her terms, not anyone else's.

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