GIRL MEETS WORLD Creator & Disney Channel Executive Discuss New Series

GIRL MEETS WORLD Creator & Disney Channel Executive Discuss New Series

Michael Jacobs, creator of the 90s hit series Boy Meets World, speaks candidly with AfterBuzz TV hosts Kristen Snyder and Lee Epstein about the process of creating the much-anticipated sequel Girl Meets World.

Taking us behind the scenes of the pilot, Jacobs describes in detail a scene starring William (Bill) Daniels as the famous teacher Mr. Feeny, which ended up on the cutting room floor. "We shot two scenes with Bill for the pilot, and I don't mind telling you because we're being truthful here about what happened. The scene we shot with Bill was wonderful, and took you right out of the show...And it was a wonderful scene. I chose not to show it, which doesn't mean I won't show it eventually. The reason I chose not to show it was Cory's the teacher, and Cory is not Feeny."

Jacobs has a message for fans of Boy Meets World: "To the original audience: stay. For those of you who left (the pilot) going, 'It's a little young,' I'm telling you, 'Stay.'" Jacobs says, "The show brings back almost all of the original cast (of Boy Meets World)." "If you liked the pilot at all, you will love the next episode. It's better. And the one after that is better than that. And that, I think, is a good series."

Jacobs speaks about the process of creating television that is both entertaining and educational. "I've been lucky enough to find a forum," he says. "These shows reach - because of the power of television - a vast audience. If we can do a little learning, as my rabbis would say, good!"

In the hour-long conversation, Jacobs, who speaks eloquently like a wise and humble teacher offers many words of wisdom. "If there's anything, chase love," Jacobs advises. "It's the most important decision you make in your life: whom to go through it with. Hold on tight. I guarantee you: you will get dragged in the road, but if you get up, you're fine. The thing about anything worth having is it takes a long time to get there."