Fan Voting Now Open For NBCUniversal's 9th Annual 'Tubey Awards'

Fan Voting Now Open For NBCUniversal's 9th Annual 'Tubey Awards'

NBCUniversal's opens voting this week for the 9th Annual Tubey Awards, offering small screen viewers an opportunity to share their love, disdain and anything in between for the 2011-2012 television season.

Fans will make their opinions known in 80 categories including "Most Disappointing Season of a Previously Awesome Show," "New Series with the Most Wasted Potential" and "Guiltiest TV Pleasure." Shows vying for Tubey honors this year include popular award show contenders Glee, Mad Men, Game of Thrones and The Big Bang Theory, alongside fan-loved series sorely under-recognized by mainstream awards, such as Community, Revenge, Once Upon a Time and Fringe.

The one-of-a-kind Tubey Awards open a window into the minds of TV fanatics, offering voting on 800 nominees in 80 categories. This year's awards will feature 10 new categories culled from the minds of Television Without Pity die-hards, including "Favorite Show to 'Hate Watch,'" "Best Musical Moment on a Reality Show," and "Most Annoying Teenage Character."

"Each year, we strive to ensure that our Tubey Awards reflect how passionate fans consume TV. For example, the concept of 'hate watching' – being addicted to a show you love to hate – has become so prevalent this past year, thanks to certain shows, that we just had to create a new category for it," said Daniel Manu, Site Director of "Because they are by the fans, for the fans, the Tubey Awards comprise a real picture of the TV landscape not often reflected on traditional TV award scorecards."

While more traditional categories, such as "Favorite Actor," are part of the Tubeys, these awards are renowned for their more colorful categories. Highlights from this year's nominations include:

· "Favorite Show to 'Hate Watch'" nominees include Glee, Smash, True Blood and Jersey Shore

· Mad Men received 21 nominations, including the opposing "Best Returning Show" and "Most Overrated Show"

· Nominees for "Most Anticipated Shows of 2012-2013" include 1600 Penn, 666 Park Avenue, Revolution, Elementary and The New Normal

· Nominees for "Worst WTF Moment" include Amanda being pregnant with Jack's baby on Revenge, Joan sleeping with the Jaguar guy on Mad Men and Deb thinks she is in love with her brother on Dexter

· "Worst Payoff" nominees include Santana's coming-out storyline on Glee, who Barney is marrying on How I Met Your Mother and the finale of Desperate Housewives

· Couples up for "Best Non Romantic Relationship" include Emily & Nolan on Revenge, Don & Peggy on Mad Men, Troy & Abed on Community (last year's winner) and April & Ron on Parks and Recreation

· Nominees for "Best Scene-Stealing Supporting Character" include "Amy Farrah-Fowler"/Mayim Bialik (The Big Bang Theory), "James Van Der Beek"/James Van Der Beek (Don't Trust the B--- in Apt. 23) and "Nolan Ross"/Gabriel Mann (Revenge)