FNA USA Premieres 4/10 on CMT

FNA USA Premieres 4/10 on CMT

CMT celebrates our love for all things America with FNA USA, the ultimate viral video countdown series that raises a glass to the most kick-ass, beer-guzzling, Olympic-medal winning, dictator-toppling, freedom-loving super power in history. The one-hour, six-episode series premieres Thursday, April 10 at 10:00 p.m., ET/PT.

CMT's Executive Vice President of Development Jayson Dinsmore says, "America has ruled the world since 1776 and we're damn proud of it. It's about time we had a show like this on American television!"

Each episode of FNA USA will combine funny, outrageous and sometimes frightening viral videos with user-generated clips to show why America is No. 1 among seven continents*. FNA will toast Americans finding masterful ways to slack off at work, and inventing world-class college drinking games; and take a countrified look at what's right and wrong with pop culture and the USA today. We'll also honor our hard-working, liberty-loving men and women - true patriots who are loud, proud and unapologetic when it comes to who they are and the country they love.

FNA USA is produced by Juma Entertainment with Robert Horowitz, Len Webber, Lewis Fenton and Tim Golier serving as executive producers. Jordan Harman, Joe Livecchi and Jayson Dinsmore are executive producers for CMT.

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