FIRST LOOK - Celine Dion Visits THE DR. OZ SHOW, 11/6


FIRST LOOK - Celine Dion Visits THE DR. OZ SHOW, 11/6

For the first time ever on Wednesday, November 6th, Dr. Oz is joined by one of the biggest stars in the world - Celine Dion. Dr. Oz and Celine discuss her new album, parenting, and a health issue that affects millions of couples - her struggle with infertility.

On show business, Dion comments: "I think the fact that I didn't really want to be part of the show business world, helped me to be healthy and to be alive. I think show business is a wonderful place for what you need to take from it, the fans, the adrenaline on stage, the pleasure, the kick that you have from traveling, discovering the world. It gives you a lot of privileges in life as well."

She continues, "If you're fortunate, you make money. It can buy homes and toys and medicine, and you can support your family, so there's a lot of things. But also, you have to know that it is a yes place. It is a drug that you Need to Know how much to take and when to take it."

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