Does Tony Soprano Sleep with the Fishes? We May Never Know

Does Tony Soprano Sleep with the Fishes? We May Never Know

On Wednesday, the internet was in quite the tizzy over what it collectively thought was the answer to the most challenging question of our time; "What the heck was up with the end of THE SOPRANOS?"

In an article published Wednesday morning on, Martha P. Nochimson recalls a conversation she had with show runner David Chase several years ago in which she asked if the mysterious fade to black at the end of the series finale meant that Tony Soprano was dead. His answer, she said, was, "No he isn't."

While he doesn't discredit her reporting, Chase seems to remember the conversation slightly differently. Through his publicist he said:

"A journalist for Vox misconstrued what David Chase said in their interview. To simply quote David as saying, 'Tony Soprano is not dead,' is inaccurate. There is a much larger context for that statement and as such, it is not true.

As David Chase has said numerous times on the record, 'Whether Tony Soprano is alive or dead is not the point.' To continue to search for this answer is fruitless. The final scene of THE SOPRANOS raises a spiritual question that has no right or wrong answer."

So, unfortunately, there is still no answer to this question that continues to drive people crazy over seven years after the fact. Check out the final scene below, and decide for yourself, after all, that seems to be what Chase wanted all along:

In your fantasy world, what happened to Tony when the screen went black? Perhaps you have a multi-volume Fan-Fic that you would like to share. If so, let us know in the comments below!