Documentary Film THE PHASE Exposes The 'Supernatural'

Documentary Film THE PHASE Exposes The 'Supernatural'

The OOBE Research Center is releasing to the public its provocative documentary on the all-encompassing effect of the brain's phase state on the entirety of human history and culture - from ancient biblical miracles to contemporary alien abductions. The film aims to raise public awareness of functions of the human brain that science has neglected.

THE PHASE is based on three sensational experiments conducted in California in 2011 and 2012. Those studies resulted in close encounters of the third kind being artificially induced on 7 volunteers, 16 re-experiencing Elijah's miraculous encounter with an angel in the Bible, and 20 volunteers undergoing "near-death experiences" (NDEs). The "phase" is a recently-minted term for all states in which centers of consciousness activate during REM sleep. This is probably the phenomenon behind at least 90% of all paranormal and supernatural phenomena.

Meanwhile, OOBE Research Center founder and experiment-team head Michael Raduga ( beckons us to question still more, saying, "This phenomenon is everywhere - not only in our history, but also our daily lives. Yet how come nobody's talking about it? Could it be that somebody took over this phenomenon to further their own interests and then forbade any and all discussion of it? The truth is what drove us in creating this film."

Work on the film began in the second half of 2012. More than one hundred people from 10 countries around the world took part in its creation. Filming took place in California and the Crimea. Producer and director Michael Raduga has penned more than 10 books on the phase state.

'The Phase' (33 minutes) is up for your reviews and comments on YouTube: