Discovery's Mount Everest Jump In Question After Deadly Avalanche

Discovery's Mount Everest Jump In Question After Deadly Avalanche

According to Deadline, the future of Discovery Channel's Mount Everest Jump is in question after the terrible avalanche that so far has claimed the lives of 13 people. NBC News, which was producing the event said in a release on Friday, that "the future of the production will be assessed at the appropriate time."

On Monday, Discovery announced the two-hour live event in which Joby Ogwyn was planning to attempt to fly off the world's highest point in a winged suit. The network hoped the event would compare to last year's SKYWIRE LIVE WITH NIK WALLENDA.

On Monday, Discovery described the event this way: "The WORLD is about to witness one of the greatest human feats ever captured on television - when Joby Ogwyn attempts the first wing suit flight off the summit of Mount Everest. In May, Discovery will take viewers on the journey with two, one-hour pre-shows revealing Joby's intense training and preparations for Everest. The special will then culminate with a live two-hour broadcast - showing Joby as he battles the grueling conditions on the way to Everest's summit and ultimately when he takes the final plunge from the top. Joby's custom-made wingsuit will be equipped with cameras bringing a bird's eye view as he descends more than 10,000 vertical feet at speeds of over 150 mph."

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