Director X & Andrew Burrows-Trotman Develop New Drama Series PRINCIPAL

Director X & Andrew Burrows-Trotman Develop  New Drama Series PRINCIPAL

Renowned music video director Julien Christian Lutz, better known as Director X, and burgeoning Canadian screenwriter Andrew Burrows-Trotman are announcing they are in development on PRINCIPAL a new original drama TV series.

Pitched as Scandal meets Dangerous Minds the hour-long serialized PRINCIPAL follows an ambitious young teacher who is given the opportunity of a lifetime to fast track his career by taking the job no one wants as the new Principal at a gentrifying inner city school. This new Principal soon realizes that he may be in way over his head trying to balance the agendas of a student body in flux, a repressive administration and an aggressive PTA, not to mention a very dysfunctional faculty.

When asked why his interest in this subject matter, X said, "My cousin is a Principal in one of the roughest neighbourhoods in the city. The stories she would tell me were mind blowing. Parents, students, teachers, administration, and the community. Wow! As I watch that neighborhood gentrify, and the projects are torn down for condos it dawned on me that there is a show here the world will love to see. The very real challenges of educating children, the personal lives of those who teach, and now the introduction of middle class families into what has long been a poor working class neighborhood present endless possibilities for stories. Principal is the show that tackles these challenges, holding a mirror to the school system and the transition that is happening to cities all over the world. When I thought of who to write this, Burrows was the first to come to mind. We are already friends and collaborators, he grew up in public housing and knows all too well the kinds of things that would go on in a school like this. I am very excited to work with him to create this world."

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