Director Oliver Stone to Appear on CNBC's OFF THE CUFF Tonight, 1/9


This week on Yahoo! Finance & CNBC's "Off the Cuff," film director and screenwriter Oliver Stone discusses his life outside of Hollywood. Best known for his political and cultural films, including "Wall Street," "JFK" and "Platoon," Stone doesn't mince words. Highlights from the episode include:

On Wall Street: "I had relationships with people on Wall Street when I was making the two movies. Which is sort of like the film business: friendships come and go with money."

On his biggest extravagance: "My biggest extravagance in life has been women."

On the work/life balance: "How do I balance work and family? I don't.... We kid ourselves if we think one barbecue with all the relatives is going to change your life. Most of your relatives you can't stand, and sometimes your children too."

Watch the full interview here: or

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