Denton's Thin Line Film Fest 2013 Opens this Friday, 2/8

Denton's Thin Line Film Fest 2013 Opens this Friday, 2/8

The Thin Line Film Fest, Texas' only international documentary film festival, arrives in Denton this week and brings with it dozens of films covering an array of topics for all interests and age ranges. From tales of personal tragedies and triumphs, to inspiring stories of human perseverance and courage, or the entertaining journeys of Denton's own independent bands, Trebuchet and Snarky Puppy, there are stories to be told. More than 40 filmmakers will be on hand to discuss their films and speak with attendees before the screenings or at any of the festival's after-parties throughout Denton.

The Thin Line Film Fest kicks off this Friday with the critically-acclaimed and Sundance award-winning feature film, Blood Brother, which follows a young man named Rocky Braat on his travels to India as a disillusioned American Tourist. But, when he meets a group of children with HIV/AIDS - he decided to stay. He never could imagine the obstacles he would face, or the love he would find. Blood Brother is screening at the Campus Theatre in downtown Denton, 2/8 at 8pm.

Notable films and event throughout the 10-day festival, include:
*all screenings at downtown Denton's Campus Theatre unless otherwise noted

Friday, February 8
10a-4p - Docu-Intensive workshop with Mark Birnbaum (Gerhard's Restaurant)
5p - DocuDenton 7K kick-off,
8p - Blood Brother

Saturday, February 9
10a - Chimpanzee
12p - Shorts Program #1
2:30p - Wampler's Ascent
4p - Rainbow Lounge (UNT on the Square)
5p - Beyond Pollution/There is No Place...
6:30p - Head Games (UNT on the Square)
8p - Snarky Puppy: Ground Up
8:30p - Dinner at the No-Go's (UNT on the Square)
10:30p - Shorts Program #2

Sunday, February 10
1p - Get Together Girls
3p - Magic Camp
5:30p - Shorts Program #3
8p - 5 Broken Cameras

Monday, February 11
2p - Get Together Girls
6p - Vittorio, Captain Pistone
8p - Voyage to Amasia

Tuesday, February 12
3:30p - Snarky Puppy: Ground Up
6p - Shorts Program #4
8p - Uprising

Wednesday, February 13
3:30p - Beyond Pollution/There is No Place...
5p - DocuDenton 7K Finish Line
6p - Shorts Program #5
8p - Eleanore & the Timekeeper

Thursday, February 14 - Valentine's Day programming
3:30p - Wampler's Ascent
6p - Shorts Program #6
6:30p - Much Ado about Knotting (Fine Arts Theater)
7p - Heart Attack/The Burning of Fry Street (Fry St Theater)
9p - Underexposed (Fry St Theater)
8p - Corporate FM (Fine Arts Theater)
8:30p - The Ballad of Genesis & Lady Jaye