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CRITIC'S CUT: Top 10 Most Hotly Anticipated Spring Premieres

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BWW TV World is thrilled to present our weekly Critic's Cut: slicing the best (and the worst) moments of pop culture into ten little digestible pieces.

Critic's Cut runs each Friday afternoon, presenting television's 'Best Of' moments, characters, shows, and more!

This week's inaugural edition presents the most anticipated spring premieres and returns. Check out the top 10 below!

Series Premiere: Feb. 14 (8 PM, ABC)
ABC promises that this is not THE DA VINCI CODE. Which means, it's probably THE DA VINCI CODE - with Dr. Mark Greene (Anthony Edwards). Edwards plays a conspiracy theorist who becomes enraptured in a centuries-old mystery - whose wife is then kidnapped by an international terrorist. The last hook leaves us scratching our heads. But if the series' writers can successfully weave historical conspiracies with modern security fears, adding just a dash of Nazism along the way, the network might have something worthwhile on its hands.

Series Premiere: Jan. 21 (9 PM, Fox)
This psychological thriller starring Kevin Bacon follows one FBI agent's obsession with hunting down an escaped serial killer (who may be a genius) who's bent on forming a cult of rapists, sadists, and murderers. The premise isn't the most original in the upcoming spring lineup, but its all-star cast, including Bacon and James Purefoy, gives it immense promise.

Season 3.5 Premiere: Feb. 10 (9 PM, AMC)
Many claim that The Walking Dead is past its prime: that it needs more zombies, that it needs characters who are remotely likeable. In its defense, the show undoubtedly keeps viewers on their toes. With its penchant for killing off series favorites with no remorse, it's hard not to admire. But ultimately, should the the survivors fear the humans living in this post-apocalyptic world - or the show's writers?

Season 3 Premiere: Jan. 13 (9 PM, Showtime)
SHAMELESS doesn't necessarily understand boundaries - much like the insanely nutty Gallagher family, headed by their alcoholic patriarch (William H. Macy). With powerhouse performances from Emmy Rossum and Macy, this Showtime pseudo-drama manages to stay comfortably buzzed, without reaching that point of being blacked-out snockered.

Season 2 Premiere: Feb. 5 (9 PM, NBC)
The first season was not, to be punny, a smash. There were definitely flaws: wonky characters arcs, shakey plot points, and some eye twitchingly bad songs. But with a new showrunner and a slew of stage stars, we're curious as to whether or not this Broadway crybaby can improve upon its promising subject matter.

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