CRITIC'S CUT: The Most Iconic TV Theme Songs

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4) Happy Days
A simpler time? No doubt. Happy Days' theme song unabashedly captured the entire aura of the show, and continues to reign as one of television's most recognizable opening tunes.
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3) All in the Family - "Those Were the Days"
Who would have guessed Archie Bunker was so crotchety based off of the opening theme? Try and prove that this isn't one of the most heart-warming and catchy introductory tunes in TV history. Do it.
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2) The Fresh Prince of Bel Air
It hardly matters if you couldn't stand Carlton or Will (I personally can't,) or even watched the show. EVERYONE knows this theme. And I'm only mildly ashamed to say I know the entire thing.
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1) Cheers - "Where Everybody Knows Your Name"
Does this not comfort you?! Does this not make you want to head to your local sports bar and try to spark conversations with all of the people that don't want to talk to you? Listen and reminisce, listen and reminisce.
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