CRITIC'S CUT: Most Beloved Modern TV Couples

February 18
3:57 2013

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In honor of Valentine's Day last week, this week's edition presents the most beloved modern TV couples who are, well, in love. You've experienced the innumerous setbacks, moments of upward emotional mobility, and more as writers have ripped couples a part, and forced them together, along their (occassionally) hokey journeys to love-making.

CRITIC'S CUT: Most Beloved Modern TV Couples

10) Jeff Winger & Britta Perry (Joel McHale, Gillian Jacobs)
Sure, there's also Jeff and Annie. But we all he's (probably) meant to be with Britta. They're both equally pretentious and annoying, smarmy and self-absorbed. If the two narcissists on a single show aren't meant to be together - I mean, is there hope for any of us?
Photo Courtesy of NBC

CRITIC'S CUT: Most Beloved Modern TV Couples

9) Price Charming & Snow White (Josh Dallas, Ginnifer Goodwin)
Like most successful television romances, audiences have been pulled in multiple directions with Prince Charming and Snow. Plus, the two found love off-screen as well. Which, duh, just watch them sneak past trolls, head out on their Fairy Tale adventures, and essentially carry what has become one of ABC's most successful shows in recent years.
Photo Courtesy of ABC

CRITIC'S CUT: Most Beloved Modern TV Couples

8) Marshall & Lily Eriksen (Jason Segel, Alyson Hannigan)
College sweethearts, Marshall & Lily endured long-distance, sexless periods due to Marshall's workaholic tendencies, and being a part of one of the most psychotic groups of friends in television history before finally getting married. Hannigan and Segel have become TV gold since How I Met Your Mother premiered, and rightfully so. Their chemistry is undeniable. Who cares if they gave their son a horrible name - Marvin Wait-for-it Eriksen - they're totally one of the best couples on television.
Photo Courtesy of CBS

CRITIC'S CUT: Most Beloved Modern TV Couples

7) Leslie Knope & Ben Wyatt (Amy Poehler, Adam Scott)
Who would have ever-guessed PARKS AND REC would still be around? When it first premiered, it was essentially billed as an OFFICE knock-off. But it's even better. Thanks, primarily, to Leslie Knope. What's still even better, is watching her actually find someone as much of an unabashed nerd as she is. Ben Wyatt, who was elecTed Mayor of his town at 18, and Knope, are absolutely perfect together. Nerds need love too, am I right?
Photo Courtesy of NBC

CRITIC'S CUT: Most Beloved Modern TV Couples

6) Mitchell Pritchett & Cameron Tucker (Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Eric Stonestreet)
Mitchell and Cameron undoubtedly have pushed the perception of what's 'normal' in society, and on television for that matter. Aside from their endearing quirks and desire for a normal family, the two have shown that gay couples are just as dysfunctional as their straight counterparts.
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