CRITIC'S CUT: Best Binge-Worthy Shows on Netflix

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BWW TV World is thrilled to present our weekly Critic's Cut: slicing the best (and the worst) moments of pop culture into ten little digestible pieces.

Critic's Cut runs every Monday, presenting television's 'Best Of' moments, characters, shows, and more!

This week's edition presents the most eligible series on Netflix worthy of your binge-watching pleasure. Go ahead, lose a weekend (or a week), catching up on the shows you may have missed. There's nothing better than a good binge.

10) Lost
No. of Seasons on Netflix: 6
It didn't become a cultural phenomenon for no reason. Sure, a whole lot of it makes little to no sense, but this series will undoubtedly draw you in from the first season - and not let go until that finale, a million-and-a-half seasons later.

9) Family Guy

No. of Seasons on Netflix: 9
Regardless of Seth MacFarlane's less-than-stellar hosting job at the Oscars, his first foray into animated TV was, and still is, amazing. It's a little lazy at times (uh, a four-minute Conway Twitty performance for no reason?), but it's rife with references and sharp, sharp wit.

8) Buffy the Vampire Slayer

No. of Seasons on Netflix: 7
If you've never seen Buffy by now, I honestly don't know what to say to you. Really? Never seen her save the world as often as she goes on dates? For real? Just go. Just watch it. Now.

7) Arrested Development

No. of Seasons on Netflix: 3 (soon to be 4)
Following its cancellation in 2006, the Mitchell Hurwitz-created series is now back on its feet with a 14-episode order set to air sometime towards the beginning of May on Netflix. The first three seasons are available for your viewing-pleasure now. Grab a fried banana and do the chicken dance, everyone! Coo-coo-ca-cha!

6) 30 Rock

No. of Seasons on Netflix: 6
Start this series, and you won't even realize that you've been sitting on the couch for 72 hours, wishing you had a bag of Sabor de Soledad, and convincing yourself that you are, in no way, a Liz Lemon.

5) Freaks and Geeks
No. of Seasons on Netflix: 1
One season, and Judd Apatow at his finest. It's a quick binge, but the show's immense Cult following rightfully developed - it's dry, hilarious, and it's impeccably honest in its portrayal of what being a less-than-normal teen is like.

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